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Canada Says Hijacking Could be a Wakeup Call
Canada, whose national is aboard Flight 814, asserted that 'any terrorist activity to advance or to promote a political cause is not acceptable to us.'

Woman Sentenced For Plotting Husband's Death
While prosecutors urged the judge to slap Dhanmatie Gaya with a five-year-sentence, Suffolk Superior Court Judge Carol S Ball ordered her to serve 18 months to two years in prison.

Diplomat Denies India Seeks Security Council Intervention In Hijack
A senior diplomat at the Permanent Mission of India to the UN is likely to fly to Afghanistan to be a part of the Indian negotiating team.

Remembering Kargil, Orissa, and Kandahar, Some Will Forego Millennium Galas
Many Hindu temples and ashrams are holding retreats and midnight prayers, chanting and meditation to usher in the new year.

Chicago To Shop for Teachers in India, Britain
The Chicago public school system has convinced the INS to allow 50 foreign teachers to work in the city under special visas.

State Department Urges India, Pakistan To Stop Trading Accusations
The State Department which 'condemned the hijacking in the strongest terms,' also said the hijackers were ultimately responsible for the lives of the hostages.

Sikhs Complain Their Reputation Was Hijacked
Even the venerably NYT ran a front page story which began this way: 'Five Sikh men said to be armed with grenades, rifles and knives hijacked an Indian Airline jet yesterday'.

Yogesh Gandhi to Serve 1 Year in Prison
Gandhi's contribution of $325,000 was one of the largest the Democratic Party had received. There were several articles in the media about his claim to be a great grand-nephew of the Mahatma, but many doubt his claims.

Parents Seek To Send Warnings On Child Safety With $20 Million Suit
The Shahs' attorney said the lawsuit intended to send powerful signals to all drivers to pay attention to the safety of children.

Sikh Moderates Wonder If Militants Were Behind Firebomb Attack On Politician's Office
While the police have no suspects in the Molotov cocktail attack on Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh's office in Vancouver on Sunday, many of his Sikh supporters were reminded of a 1985 attack on him.

Kashmir Secessionist Damns 'Absolute Terrorists'
The cause of self-determination of the Kashmiris is made to suffer by these absolute terrorists, rued Mushtaq Jeelani, an executive of the Toronto-based Kashmir-Canada Council.

Indian Scientists File Complaints Against Top Defense Laboratory in America
Nine Asian American scientists and engineers, including two Indians, have filed complaints with California State, alleging they are paid less than their white counterparts. If unresolved, the complainants could go to court.

'Strong Correlation Between Democracy and Hinduism'
Freedom House survey finds a marked decline in democracy in Pakistan, Bangladesh.

Duo Charged With Attempted Murder
Todd Farmer and Anthony Raynor allegedly threw a rock at Michael Vytilingam that left him brain-damaged and partially paralysed.

Arrests Promised In Air-India Blast Case
But Indians aren't sure if the Royal Canadian Mounted Police will really announce something meaningful or if the investigation will continue indefinitely.

3 Indians Among 100 Most Influential British Columbians
And, no, Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh is yet to figure on the list.

Gordon Wilson's Son Charged With Sex Abuse
Judy Tyabji's former husband files a suit, claiming Mathew Wilson molested his daughter.

N-Ban on 51 Indian Organizations Removed
It actually worked against US interests, say the Pentagon and some leaders in Congress.

Prison For Sex-Offenders Halted
Judge Robert Longhi says he will review documents that Woodbridge officials want released to them in their battle to keep the prison out of town.

N-Ban on 51 Indian Organizations Removed
It actually worked against US interests, say the Pentagon and some leaders in Congress.

Prison For Sex-Offenders Halted
Judge Robert Longhi says he will review documents that Woodbridge officials want released to them in their battle to keep the prison out of town.

Emergency! Docs Wanted
But despite a severe shortage of medical doctors in Canada, red tape and reputation collude to make things difficult for Indian doctors.

Indian Rivals Won't Join Battle
Moe Sihota says he won't run for premiership of British Columbia.

Calcutta-Born Professor Trains Wheel Warriors
As many as 800 lives and $ 3 billion could be saved if every driver followed some basic rules for just one week, says Dr Sheila Sarkar.

Chicago Joins the War On Bidis
The city council voted unanimously for a ban on bidis to somehow contain the teenage fascination for them.

Professor Wins $ 200,000, Drops Suit
Mahabir had alleged that department chairman Cobie Harris, who is black, did not want a non-African American to teach black studies.

Chicago Joins the War On Bidis
The city council voted unanimously for a ban on bidis to somehow contain the teenage fascination for them.

Professor Wins $ 200,000, Drops Suit
Mahabir had alleged that department chairman Cobie Harris, who is black, did not want a non-African American to teach black studies.

Round One To Dosanjh
His opponents were humbled at the New Democratic Party emergency meeting and it was decided that the 'bulk' members he'd enrolled would be allowed to vote.

Kirpan Victory Not All That Sweet
Debate continues over the decision not to take action against Gurcharan Singh Bhatia.

How The $16 m Car Theft Racket Was Busted
The first man arrested, Claude Illareguy, apparently co-operated but not before a police officer who infiltrated the gang was asked to kidnap a woman, allegedly for ransom.

Can An Ankle Injury Kill?
Following requests from the family, the Victoria coroner tries to find out just how 18-year-old Natasha Rai died.

International Car Smuggling Ring Busted
Two Indians face 15 years in prison on charges of conspiracy to possess stolen property, and conspiracy to commit kidnapping.

Robin Hood Or Gull?
Zaira Ali, well known for her charity work, is now charged with stealing $ 1 m from her employers, and giving it to her favourite charities.

Letter Ended Case Against Sikh Priest
Addressed to the city prosecutor of Mentor, it explained the ceremonial function of the kirpan, the possession of which had got Gurcharan Singh Bhatia arrested.

Charges Against Sikh Priest Dropped
Gurcharan Singh Bhatia breathes easy three months after his arrest for carrying a kirpan.

'Get Another Job,' Glover Tells Timid Cabbies
Actor who once used to drive a taxi, says some cabbies use the fears as an excuse to avoid taking fares to destinations outside Manhattan.

INS Reform Put On Backburner
Lawyers say that politicians are scared to act fast on immigration issues since the election year is around.

Embassy Says India Won't Beg
But officials vehemently deny they have distanced themselves from the Orissa relief effort.

'Slum Landlords' Feel Victimized
Owners of rundown hotels in San Francisco resent being singled out for criticism.

Deepak Chopra Stalking Case Reopens
The New Age guru's suit against a woman who allegedly sought to blackmail him is to restart next week.

What Comes Of Bearding A Lion
WSO demands that the Canadian heritage minister intervene in the dispute involving Sikh boxer Nagra's facial hair.

Woodbridge Fights Sex-Offender Jail
Town officials charge that the state did not conduct a fair comparison between the Woodbridge location and two South Jersey sites under consideration.

Millionaire California Doctor Murdered
Jagjit Singh Sehdeva, to kill whom murder plots had been hatched earlier too, was killed, allegedly by robbers, on Tuesday.

Boxer Nagra's Legal Fights Mount
The Canadian Amateur Boxing Association cancels an event after the Ontario Superior Court says he can participate with or without a beard.

McGreevey Woos Indians
Mayor James McGreevey of Woolbridge hopes to be a governor with support from the Indian American community, which gave him 83 per cent of the votes in the last election.

Carbon Monoxide Awareness Move Launched After Girl's Death
Authorities start educating people of the dangers of the colorless, odorless gas after Seetha Vemireddy succumbed to it.

Dosanjh Demand Tough Crime Law Be Enacted
The British Columbia attorney-general said the lack of federal funding to fight organized crime is another area he wants tackled.

Why Ganesh Bidis Were Banned
The use of child labor to produce them was the ostensible reason, but the authorities were also worried that youngsters thought it hip and safe to smoke.

Dosanjh Calls For Sex Offenders Registry
British Columbia's attorney-general calls for measures to contain child abuse and prostitution.

Strangled Woman's Family Wants Community To Express Outrage
Dr Deepti Gupta husband has asked the Los Angeles District Attorney to prosecute self-confessed killer Kevin Anderson to the fullest extent of law.

It Is Karma, Says Father Of Dead Teen
His daughter Seetha, who suffered a cardiac arrest following carbon monoxide poisoning, was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.

1999 Excelsior Awards Announced
This year's winners are NY state solicitor-general Preeti Bansal, US Airways CEO Rakesh Gangwal, Sycamore Networks founder Desh Deshpande and Rockefeller University professor John Kuriyan.

Gas Leak Claims New Teen Immigrant
Seetha Reddy died when a defective gas heater leaked carbon monoxide into the room.

Patkar Thanks Foreign Supporters of NBA
But the leader of the Narmada Bachao Andolan refuses to accept funds from abroad.

Canadian Citizenship Process to Be Simplified
Among other things, knowledge of English or French will not be mandatory to become a citizen.

Experts Predict Renewed Interest in Hinduism and Buddhism Across America
Despite the millions of dollars Christian churches spend in America to recruit new members, there are many who are not satisfied by Christianity and look for meaning elsewhere.

Why Is Meher Singh Outraged?
This week she not only missed a class but she joined hundreds of students to demand more protection for women students at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst.

Demand for Funds for Non-Catholic Schools Heats Up
A battle for school funding being fought in a small Canadian city could have far reaching impact on schools run by immigrant communities across Ontario.

Many Unanswered Questions Surround Doctor's Murder
Dr Kevin Anderson said he killed his partner Dr Deepti Gupta and pushed her car over a cliff. But the police found she had been dead several hours.

Bus Hijacker Under Psychiatric Care
Canada too also indicated that it wants to try Vikram Menon, accused of hijacking his own bus.

Sharief, Benazir 'Raped' Democracy: Najam Sethi
The Friday Times editor finds it ironic that the press is freer during army rule than democracy in Pakistan.

Gandhian Protest In Georgia Draws Over 10,000
Protesters call for closure of school that trained Latin American soldiers who visited violence upon the poor in their countries.

A High Voltage Lesson in Race Tolerance
Canada's Governor-General Adrienne Clarkson give students who engaged in a racist brawl something to think about.

US Probes Sale Of Equipment To Pakistan
The Canadian branch of Raytheon, a major American multinational firm, supplied commercial radio equipment to Pakistan for over a year.

Would-Be Kidnapper Cabbie Nabbed
Akthar Bajwa, who twice tried to drive off with women passengers, has been charged with second-degree kidnapping and second-degree attempted kidnapping.

An Affair He Can't Forget
Gordon Wilson, a candidate for the premiership of British Columbia, finds his past weighing on him.

Tara Singh Hayer Assault Case Reactivated
Son Dave says if people speak up, his father's murder and the mystery of the Air-India mishap in 1985 will be solved.

'Conman' Travel Agent Arrested
Deepak L Chatpar has now been slapped with a $ 150,000 bond.

More Desi Connections in BC Election
But Education Minister Gordon Wilson, who married Judi Tyabji, hardly poses a threat to Ujjal Dosanjh.

Witness Who Helped Nab Gill Killers Lauded
The witness, who is not Indian Canadian, came forward because he had seen Gill helping people irrespective of their ethnic origin, the judge said.

Would-be 'God' Sentenced For Murder
Daniel Miloszewski and his friends, who killed Nirmal Singh Gill and wanted to kill all Sikhs, get terms ranging from 12 to 15 years.

Dosanjh Promises An Open Government
The attorney-general of British Columbia makes his pitch for the premiership.

Cabbie Camera To The Rescue
A digital eye that keeps an eye on both driver and fare is being tested in New York taxis.

Alleged Hijacker Throws A Fit In Court
'They are going to kill me,' Vikram Menon shouted as his wife and the judge tried to quieten him.

Toronto Chinese, Muslims Make Peace
The controversy about the new mosque is likely to be settled peacefully.

Persecution Or Blackmail?
Employees sue hotel, claiming they are made to pay the bills of defaulting customers; the management says the case was filed because it resisted unionization. Driver Hijacks His Own Bus
Vikram Menon, till recently known for his affable nature, is now charged with attempted murder.

'Band-Aid On A Cancer'
Danny Glover and cabbies say Mayor Rudolph Guiliani's sting operation on taxis who refuse African Americans is politically motivated.

Plans For Toronto Swami Narayan Temple Announced
The groundbreaking ceremony for the complex will take place in July next year on Gurupurnima day.

Advani May Come Off 'Demagogue Wall'
Following protests by many Indian community leaders who learnt of Advani's picture being there, the museum has begun reviewing the home minister's legacy.

Southern Baptists Unrepentant
A spokesperson defends the anti-Hindu prayer book, asserting the protests are due to ignorance of the Bible.

He Fights To Keep His Father's Legacy Alive
Dave Hayer, the son of slain newspaper publisher Tara Singh Hayer, has announced his bid for the Liberal Party nomination for Surrey-Tynehead.

Several Groups Pitch In For Cyclone Relief
Indian Americans give generously during the Diwali season, to organizations like the Federation of Indian Associations, CARE, the US Committee for UNICEF and American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee.

Fear, Anger Take A Back Seat in New York
"If the heat is too much, get out of the kitchen," say African Americans; cabbies believe the city may have to offer them special incentives and guns.

Sihota Finds He Lives In A Glass House, After All
The British Columbia cabinet minister said he should have moderated his remarks and that words "stumbled" out of his mouth "awkwardly" when he criticised Ujjal Dosanjh.

African Americans Flag Down NY Cabbies
A rally is being held in Harlem on Saturday to decry racism among taxi and limo drivers.

Between The Centre And The Right
Ruling party in British Columbia caught between moderate and fundamentalist Sikhs.

Mahatma's Name Invoked in Police Recruitment
'You must become the change you wish to see in the world,' is New Jersey's first African American police chief Carson Dunbar urged minorities.

'Illegible' Doctor Faces Living Nightmare
'Each time I use my hand, especially for writing prescriptions, I remember what happened,' says Texas cardiologist Ramachandra Kolluru, the first doctor held liable by a jury in a fatal medication mix-up because the pharmacist could not read his handwriting.

Major Canadian Charity Targets Immigrant Communities
Among the 15 programs made possible is a groundbreaking youth project for gay and lesbian youth that will he aided by donation by United Way.

Remove Advani Pic from Demagogue Wall: Community Leader
The Museum of Tolerance has put the Indian home minister in the same league as Saddam Hussein and Idi Amin.

Danny Glover Ko Gussa Kyon Aata Hai?
The actor, who was snubbed by five New York cabbies, says they ought to be more sensitive when dealing with the minorities.

Dosanjh Criticized For Mass Drafting Of Indo-Canadians
Though his action was not unethical under party rules, his opponents questioned the integrity of him admitting 6,000 voters around the same time.

Canada Faces A Shortage Of Immigrants
Sick of red tape, arrogance and internal strife, newcomers seek greener pastures.

Where Is Shilpa Prabhu's Husband?
Despite reported sightings, six weeks on, Shailesh, a software engineer, is still missing.

Who Killed Kumar Sanu's Show?
Some say poor sales of tickets tripped it up. But the local promoter says the Indian community sabotaged the show.

Bitter Medicine: Like It Or Lump It
Establishment objects to Sayantani DasGupta's new book on biases in medical school.

Trying Time For Judge
Judge Timothy Evans has to decide if the 14-year-old boy accused of killing Rupinder Dhillon can be tried as an adult.

INS Trumpets Achievements
But critics of the service say the rate of progress is still far too slow.

Anti-Immigrant Activist Admits To Having Hired Illegal Workers
While Craig Nelson says he took up his cause after realising the danger of immigration, critics point out that his admission came only after a reporter confronted him.

Trial Date For Doctor In Molestation Case To Be Set
If found guilty, Dr Alan Umar Khitab faces over 10 years in prison.

Ackerman Gets CIA to Brief Congressional Caucus on India
Congressional insiders said the hour-long briefing was unprecedented and indicative of maturing relations between the US and India.

A Murder In Karachi, A Beating In NY
Mystery surrounds the attack on Abdul Rahman Chaudhary, who the Pakistani police believe may have killed his wife Denise.

I Can't Hide In My Basement, Says Gurudwara President
'I am not afraid,' said Balwant Singh Gill when discussing a possible threat from hard-liners led by Dalip Singh Mangat.

Navratri Revelry Ends In Tragedy
Four die in collision with car going the wrong way in New Jersey.

Vancouver Sikhs Snub Hard-liners
Congregation re-elects moderate Balwant Singh Gill as president of the Guru Nanak gurudwara.

Musharraf's Toughest Critic Softens Stance
But Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy no longer insists on meeting Pakistan's deposed prime minister Nawaz Sharief on a Canadian-led four-nation mission next week.

My brother, the general
Naved Musharraf on big brother Pervez and other family matters.

The Agents Of Peace
Harinder Lamba from India and Naved Musharraf from Pakistan are convinced that a path to a peaceful, progressive south Asia starts from Chicago.

Naveen Sinha Bags Second Prize At Discovery Contest
The 8th-grader from New Mexico received a $ 5,000 scholarship and $ 50 gift certificate to spend at a Discovery store for his project, 'The sound applications of interference'.

Ackerman Urges Clinton Not to Embrace Kargil Invader
The Congressman urged Washington not to go easy on the man who had plotted the invasion attempted not long before the coup in Pakistan.

Gutsy Pakistani Journalists To Be Honored
Najam Sethi and his wife are among five journalists being honored "for their courage and independence in reporting the news".

Problems in Pakistan Won't Help India's Cause, Say Experts
"India needs to remain calm, watch its borders and avoid any comment," said Prof Sumit Ganguly.

'Angel in Paradise'
The Toronto mayor was among the hundreds who paid tribute to Sharmini, the girl whose body was found in a ravine not far from her home.

Pervez Musharraf No Saddam: Kid Brother
The Pakistani army chief's brother, Naved Musharaff, works for amity with India.

Scrub Pak Visit, Ackerman Urges Clinton
But the Democratic congressman said the President should visit India and Bangladesh to salute those democracies.

Final Arguments Submitted in Gill Case
Despite professed conversions and apologies, the skinheads who killed Nirmal Singh Gill should not get a lenient sentence, said prosecutor Ron Caryer.

Manjit Could Lie, Not Kill: Brother
Her family and relatives, on both sides of the Atlantic, are vowing to appeal, proclaiming her 'innocence' and condemning the American justice system.

US Cautious About Pak Emergency
The administration is not immediately condemning the army's latest moves because Pakistan could soon return to civilian rule.

ANALYSIS Paid Less, They Work More
Study says immigrants to Canada get lower wages, work below their potential, and that the gap with their Canadian counterparts is widening.

Massive Efforts On To Solve Sharmini Death Mystery
Forensic anthropologists and detectives spent over 10 hours on Wednesday looking for clues to the final hours of 15-year-old the girl.

Most Pakistanis In US Back Army Action
They say the army's action is a reaction to Sharief's efforts to destroy democracy, and his betrayal of the people's sacrifice in Kargil.

US Lawmakers, Academicians Condemn Coup In Pakistan
Pakistan was unstable, dangerous and might even sell off US technology, they assert.

Discovery of Child's Body Raises Questions
No one yet knows how a quiet, self-reliant 15-year-old ended up dead in a ravine not far from her home.

e-mail Libel Suit Could Make History
Jilted lovers, beware. The next time, you are thinking of sending a nasty note to your former friend, resist any temptation of sending a copy to anyone else. Otherwise you might face the kind of libel suit Shaine Virani is currently dealing with.

Toronto, Vancouver Coolest To Immigrants: Study
The long-drawn out study shows that the Canadians, who are tolerant of immigrants, live in places where few immigrants ever go.

Conversations on India and Pakistan
'Now that the BJP-led government is in place in Delhi and the military has over in Islamabad, things are getting rather tricky,' notes S P Udayakumar, a professor at the University of Minnesota and one of the organizers of Conversations on Contemporary South Asia.

Dosanjh Could Get Big Boost If Age of Sexual Consent Is Raised
The attorney-general was one of the first backers for the plan to raise the legal age of sexual consent from 14 to 16 years.

Dosanjh's Rival Wants To 'Reinvent' Party
The attorney-general's opponents are hoping that the growing number of candidates for the premier's post will diminish his chances.

Skinhead Killer Pleads for Life
Radoslaw Synderek, who was involved in the murder of gurdwara worker Nirmal Singh Gill, offers to work for the Sikh community.

Reward Offered To Witnesses In Double Homicide
The family of the murdered couple is raising money to spur witnesses to help the police locate the suspected killer.

'I've Lost My Son,' Says The Mother Of One Of Gill's Killers
Christina Miloszewski says she would offer her own life if Gill could be restored to his family.

Teen In Incest Case to Be Deported
The boy, who is serving a six-month sentence for impregnating his 12-year-old sister, decided not to appeal the deportation order.

We won't allow anti-India activities: Bangladesh envoy
Foreign minister Abdus Samad Azad said Dhaka was always for a united India and that it valued its friendship with Delhi.

Godse Play Stirs Up A Storm In New York
Indo-American Arts Council faces flak and boycott for hosting Pradeep Dalvi's play as part of its four-day event on Mahatma Gandhi.

Clinton To Push For Indo-Pak Talks
The US president writes to Representative Ackerman stating he intends to pursue the matter when he visits the region next year.

'SAARC To Keep Out of Indo-Pak Conflict'
"Apart from hoping and praying that something would happen magically, we are helpless," says association chairman Lakshman Kadirgamar.

'Oliver's Law' May Expose Bad Nannies
Bereaved mother plans to campaign for a law allowing parents to check a child care provider's files before enrolling their child.

Prosecutor Calls For Life Sentences For Gurdwara Killers
Ron Caryer asserts that their "callous and unremorseful" attitude towards Nirmal Singh Gill's death was ample indication of their intolerance.

Dalvi, Godse's Defender, Writes Off India
Nathurams are what Indian politics lack, says the playwright who also promises to slap painter M F Husain for his paintings disrespectful of Hindu gods.

India Takes On The Taliban At The UN
Jaswant Singh asserted that the nexus between Kabul and Islamabad had become a threat to international peace and security.

Basuta Sentenced To 25 Years in Child Murder Case
Judge scolds her for lying about being raped by the Indian police.

Islamic College Chief Charged with Assault
The Royal Candadian Mounted Police says it took action soon after some students complained that they were beaten with sticks.

No Evidence Against Dr Cheema In Circumcision Suit
The judge determined there was insufficient evidence to show Cheema was culpable and dismissed him as a defendant in the trial.

What happened that night?
Mystery surrounds the arson fire that claimed the lives of three children and their father.

US Won't Appoint Special Kashmir Envoy
Congressman Gary Ackerman said the administration realised Kashmir was a bilateral issue that can be best resolved through bilateral dialogue.

Prosecutor Seeks Life Sentence For Gill's Killers
'These accused have shown pride in their killing of Mr Gill, and indicated that they would be prepared to kill again, he said.

Blaze That Killed Three Children and Father Was Arson, Say Police
'We believe someone spread gasoline up the stairway,' said fire commissioner Thomas Von Essen.

Raj Singh To Give Convocation Speech at NetSAP
Nasdaq president and Nextel founder also to address entrepreneurs.

Dosanjh's prospects improve
Polls show he could still become first Asian premier in Canada.

Sexual Misconduct Case Against Doc Raises Debate
Allan Khitab's arrest raises questions about the image of doctors, what happens when a physician is found guilty, and how the community is affected

Sanctions Have Little Impact: Report
They have cost India $ 320 million, Pakistan $ 57 million and the US $ 161 million, according the International Trade Commission.

Family Struggles To Cope With Murders
But robbery is believed to be the motive for the shooting to death of Nirwan T Thapar and his wife Shashi.

Sihota Sabotages Dosanjh's Hopes of Becoming Premier
The economics development minister allegedly got a convention to pick a new leader postponed from November to February.

Stars Get Together For A GOOD SAMARITANS Cause
Aasif Mandvi, Rahul Khanna, Padma Lakshmi To Help Children's Hope (India), a New York-based charity.

Boycott Plan Against Aamir Show Fails
Several Pakistani organisations made the effort after learning that part of the profits would go to the families of Indian soldiers killed in Kargil.

Bhai Ackerman Hails India-Israel Ties
Democrat warns Pakistan that it can become a victim of its own terrorism directed against India.

I Want My Kirpan Back: Gurcharan Singh Bhatia
The 70-year-old Sikh priest was handcuffed and charged with carrying a concealed weapon when the police found a six-inch kirpan on him while investigating a minor traffic accident near the town of Mentor a few weeks ago.

GOOD SAMARITANS Samaritans Open Up Their Hotels to Victims of Hurricane Floyd
As the hurricane tore through South Carolina, causing widespread flooding, rendering 330,000 homes powerless and sending thousands of people into shelters, Suren Shah forgot his losses and opened his hotels to the needy.

Ackerman Flays Move to Ban Contributions from Green Card Holders
"Our aim must be increased participation of people in our political process and not to shut out one category or the other," the Democrat said.

Her Client Killed, Attorney Tries To Restore Kids To Grandmother
Lawyer for the divorce that wasn't to be, Grace Hoffman is fighting to get the two children of the couple back in Ohio, so that they join their grandmother.

Expatriates Meet In Montreal To Heal Rift
Indians and Pakistanis met recently in Montreal, Canada's largest city, to discuss the building of a secular and democratic platform for the diaspora.

Doc Wanted For Four Murders Nabbed
Police catch up with Dr Nawaz Ahmad, accused of killing his wife and her relatives at JFK airport from where he was about to flee to Karachi.

Student Who Plotted To Kill Family Gets Community Work
Harjit Mann escaped a prison sentence as the judge accepted a defense plea about her state of mind at the time of the incident.

The legacies of Eqbal Ahmad
Writer, academic and social activist Eqbal Ahmad will be remembered on September 17 and 18 when radical and leftist students, academics and activists will recall his work.

Interpol To Help Florida Cops In Agarwal Murder Case
And friends of the victim, Deepa, wonder if America's Most Wanted could run an announcement to locate her suspected killer, Kamlesh Agarwal.

Former Union Leader Challenges Canadian Pension Policy
Harbans Singh Pawar sued the government alleging discrimination, stating that minorities had to wait 10 years for a pension, while a European or an American got it in one.

Abhichandani Named Census Official in NY
It was not easy to get a south Asian into the Bureau, said Glenn D Magnatay, the director of the Democracy Project at the Asian Legal Defense and Education Fund.

Reddy To Co-Chair Presidential Infotech Advisory Panel
The panel provides Bill Clinton with advice on all areas of high performance computing, communications, and information technologies.

DoE Staff Asked To Blow Whistle On Dangerous Liaisons
Taking precautionary measures after embarrassing exposures, employees have been asked to reveal links with people from India, Pakistan, China and Russia.

Groping In High Places?
A 32-year-old Indian immigrant has been accused of fondling a woman during a Detroit-Chicago flight.

US Scientists Feel Pessimistic About Ban On TIFR, BARC Scientists Being Lifted
'I am not particularly optimistic that the State Department will modify their sanctions on Indian collaborations with the US,' physicist Paul Grannis told a Washington conference on Tuesday.

Ban on Indian Scientists Harms USA Too, American Conference on Scientific Freedom Is Told
'Though the sanctions on TIFR scientists may drive them out of DZero, we will continue to interact with them at CERN. The only effect is to strengthen the European project at the expense of US projects.'

Xena Delivers a Kick in the Head During Holy Week: Activist Complaints
As hundreds of television stations across America get ready to show an edited version of the Xena: Warrior Princess episode which deleted scenes in which Hanuman's head was cut off, many Hindu groups are livid with rage.

Kargil Fundraiser In Atlanta Big Hit
'Indian families in the States could do a lot of things for the families of Kargil soldiers,' says Subhash Razdan. 'They could help the children get first rate education in India - and who knows, if some of the children want to study in the US, and if they are qualified, their host family in America could be of help.'

Invoking Buddha, Rakesh Saxena's Lawyer Tries To Keep Him Away From 'Lynching' Mob In Thailand
Defence attorney Russ Chamberlain said the affidavits of Thai witnesses are not valid because the witnesses were not sworn before Buddha as the law in Thailand requires.

Madhuri Movie 'No-Show' at Christie's Event
A five-day film and art program in New York, dedicated to M F Husain, has been cancelled due to a "no-show" by the artist and his experimental film, Gajagamini. The official line is there were "post production" or "scheduling" problems with the film.

The Face of Courage
Sukhmani Singh was born without a single bone on one side of her face and as an infant there was a gaping hole in her forehead. Now, under treatment in New York, she has a chance of a near normal life.

Steel City to Get a Nalanda Classroom
On January 9 in the new millennium, a bit of Nalanda will welcome visitors to Pittsburgh. The Indian room, constructed for $ 400,000, is reportedly the most expensive of the nationality rooms.

'Mother Teresa' Or Khalistani?
The relatives of the woman who police in India claim was killed because she was caught in the rivalry between the Khalistan Commando Force and the Babbar Khalsa say she was a Sikh Mother Teresa.

Cops Suspend Voting in Vancouver Gurdwara
The continuing feud between fundamentalists and moderates in the gurdwaras of British Columbia once again led to scuffles during a vote on Sunday.

Pakistan-born Psychiatrist Charged With Sexual Misconduct
The only full-time psychiatrist in Cambridge, near Ontario, has been charged with four counts of sexual assault.

The Dalai Lama Ends American Pilgrimage
His latest visit has made him more optimistic about the future, he said. "Generally in America, Europe, and Japan there are signs of a feeling of frustration about the materialistic existing life," he said. "So people begin to feel something lacking. Besides material facility, they seek some deeper human values."

The Marketing of the Dalai Lama
Would the Dalai Lama have drawn over 100,000 people at his public discourses in New York, Bloomington and Chicago without the Hollywood connection -- and without his backers including Hollywood star Richard Gere spending at least $ 8 million to promote his tour and pay for the concomitant expenses?

Vegetarians Lose Case Against Taco Bell
Claim failed because it did not show the rice was unwholesome or unfit for human consumption, says judge.

Man Sentenced To Prison Term For Burning Lover
Authorities refuse to consider victim's changed testimony.

Pallone Calls for Hiring Of Legal Indian Immigrants For Census
Under the existing policy, all immigrants from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as immigrants from Arab and African countries, are being unfairly discriminated against, he said.

Jaffna Memories Claim Depressed Man, Son
Jeybalan Balasingam never hinted to his family that he was contemplating suicide.

Dosanjh Dubbed 'Betrayer', 'Assassin'
Foes vow to derail his plans to become premier of British Columbia.

Exiled Tibetan Leader Meets With Older Brother
Dalai Lama star attraction in Indiana, also faces hostile Buddhist sect.

Man Held On $4m Bond For Allegedly Killing 2 Indians
The accused, Ricardo Londell Hariss, is wanted for murder in several states.

Ujjal Dosanjh Likely To Fight To Be British Columbia Premier
The attorney-general, who kept his job after Glen Clark was dragged down by charges of scandal, did not want to take up the position -- right now.

Pallone Sees Convergence Of American, Indian Objectives
Congressman urges Washington to help India join UN Security Council.

US Sharpens Attack Against India
Insists that proposed nuclear doctrine 'describes the Indian desire to develop a nuclear arsenal' which, in the United States' view, militates against the security interests of India itself, the subcontinent, the US and the world.

Census Bureau Uses Hindi and Other Languages
The message to the immigrant population is clear -- stand up and be counted.

US Reacts Sharply To Nuke Doctrine
Strobe Talbott to seek clarifications on the nuclear policy draft at the next round of the non-proliferation dialogue with Jaswant Singh.

Pallone Expects Greater Energy Co-operation With India
Congressman feels energy secretary's visit to India augurs well.

Dalai Lama Oblivious of Goldie's Neckline
And then the Tibetan leader nearly starved at a $ 750 per person dinner.

Small Voices in the Big Apple
Hundreds of street vendors are losing their livelihood because of severe restrictions on trade.

Exhibition on Asian American Achievements
Sets to improve the perception about Asian Americans as either spies or competition.

Kargil Ke Aage Chalenge
With Asha Bhosle and Govinda as the Grand Marshals, India Day paraders get to hear mouthfuls of patriotic declarations.

Baring the Soul in the Park
The Dalai Lama shows that there are people other than rock stars who can make a hit denouncing materialism and greed.

Lama Vs Lama
The Dalai Lama could soon join the league of Mary Higgins Clark and John Grisham -- and simultaneously have two bestsellers in America.

Lowest Number Of Green Cards Issued In The Entire Decade
The INS's admission this week, that at least 120,000 more applications could have been processed but for better processing resources, has angered many immigration lawyers and politicians in Washington.

US Urges India and Pakistan To Abide By 1991 Agreement
The pact forbids aircraft from flights within ten km of the international border without pre-notification.

New York's Hottest Ticket: Dalai Lama
Whether it is a free discourse or a $750 per plate event, he is drawing huge crowds in the Big Apple.

More Anti-Narmada Dam Protests Planned
The success of recent protests in Washington and several other North American cities has spurred the International Rivers Network to have more demonstrations and involve more NRIs.

McDermott Decides Against Senate Run
Unwilling to spend his energy raising the $ 8 million needed to put up an adequate fight against Republican Senator Slade Gorton, India's staunch supporter will now seek another term in the House.

Bodansky Rips Off Benazir's Ideological Purdah
When Washington suspected Bhutto's close links with bin Laden and other Islamists, she used shocking deceptive tactics to safeguard her relationship with America, he asserts.

Pakistan, Not Taliban, Is Key to Bin Laden, Says Anti-Terrorism Expert
He is the security blanket for Pakistan, Yossef Bodansky told in an exclusive interview. The more number of Americans his people kill, Pakistan can pretend to help America more, exact more concessions from America.

Tech Visas For Immigrant Students Can Solve Industry Problems: Rep Lofgren
The visa will allow a foreign graduate to stay in America for five years, and will have no annual cap as in the case of H-IB visas, says the Democrat from Silicon Valley.

Basuta Sentencing Postponed ForSecond Time
But Judge William Kennedy refuses to allow a fresh trial of the Sikh nanny convicted of killing baby Oliver Smith in her daycare center in San Diego.

Racist Billboards Evoke Strong Protests In New York
Fumes Queens Borough president Claire Shulman: 'We don't need this kind of message. It just incites people to do and say things that are inappropriate in a city like ours.'

Day Trader Sentenced For Defrauding Merrill Lynch, Investor
At a meeting with the National Association of Security Dealers, it was decided that the company would assume losses for $280,000 and the investor for $505,000, as a result of Surya Prasad Davuluri's action.

Grief-Struck Atlantans Get Consolation Also From Vedas and Koran
'An entire city desperately wants to know, why do bad things happen to GOOD SAMARITANS people?'

Indian Tiger Bones Earn Small Fortunes In Chinatowns
Officials at the Fish and Wildlife Services say getting the Chinese to change their mindset about the alleged efficacy of tiger products is far from easy.

Dan Burton Withdraws Anti-India Measure
The opposition to the anti-India measure was so strong that the Republican Congressman thought it advisable to withdraw, instead of asking for a division and face a decisive defeat on the floor.

Three Atlanta Carnage Victims Had Ties With India
As the people are trying to come to terms with the tragedy, mayor Bill Campbell has announced an interfaith prayer meeting, possibly on Wednesday, at which the Hindu Temple will be one of the participants.

Azharuddin, Tendulkar, Akram, Moin Foil Dream Of Joint Indo-Pak Team
'The problem is not at the level of individual players,' organiser Romesh Japra said. 'They are all more than willing to come. But we are facing some obstacles from national and international cricket authorities.'

Vadewattee, Mother of 2, Among 9 Victims of Gunman's Random Fury
"Some of us have been planning to move to Atlanta and other southern cities because we are too scared with random and senseless killings in cities like New York and Chicago," said Hasmukh Patel, a New York businessman. "Now it looks like no place is too safe."

Tech People Have to Become Sales People: Manoj Tripathi
'Do you want to run out of milk?' will get you a better response than 'Do you want this kind of supply chain software?' says the chief information officer of the San Francisco-based Jamba Juice.

House Gets a Warning against Dan Burton
Gary Ackerman and James Greenwood, co-chairmen of the India Caucus, have said the amendment that the indefatigable India-basher is expected to propose this week will be "short-sighted, unfair and counter-productive".

Idealist Lawyer Has Her Pay Day in Court
'I believe in justice. I believe in the ethics and morality that justice stands for,' says Alka Sagar, who has been named by her peers and law publications as one of the best trial lawyers in Los Angeles.

Burned Woman's Backers Refuse to Change Stand Despite Her Recantation
Sakhi said the Syeda Suffian case only highlights the difficulty in fighting violence against women. 'Just as it is common for women to not report abuse, it is not altogether uncommon for women to recant testimony.'

Indians Plan Fundraisers in LA for 2 Congressmen
Sharrod Brown (Ohio) and David Wu (Oregon), both Democrats and members of the India Caucus in the House of Representatives, will be feted at two fundraisers in Los Angeles, organised by the Indian American Friendship Council.

Ackerman Writes To Clinton Against Special Envoy To India
The Congressman pointed out that such an appointment would amount to rewarding Pakistan for its invasion in Kargil.

Getting Connected, A New Way
For $ 10 a month,'s subscribers can communicate with their relatives back home via voicemail.

Dhurandhar Expected To Be Released On Bail This Week
However, he and his wife face home detention. If convicted, they could be deported to India.

Burned Woman Stands By Recanted Testimony
Syeda Sufian told an imam that she had done "something terrible" and she wanted to do the right thing. The imam secretly taped her and gave the tapes to Mohammad Mohsin's attorney.

Ninderjit Singh Becomes One of America's Most Wanted
Within hours of being featured on the show, the police have received half a dozen possible tips about the whereabouts of Poonam Randhawa's alleged killer.

Florida Murder Suspect Might Have Fled To Bombay
After extensive interviews with friends, professors and family members of Deepa Agarwal, the 20-year-old student whose body was discovered in her closet early this week, Orange County police suspect that her cousin Kamlesh Agarwal, 21, might have killed her.

Cardiologist Shows A Big Heart For Political Fund-raising
Zach Zachariah is one of the eight Floridans who have raised more than $100,000 each for the presidential campaign of Texas Governor George W Bush.

Dosanjh, Critic Of British Columbia Premier, Keeps His Job In New Cabinet
The attorney general, in fact, was a heart-beat away from the top post when, recently, following a cabinet scandal, several NDP members suggested he should be the interim premier.

New Twist In High-Profile Case Of Attempted Murder
Syeda Suffian's eloquent testimony was largely responsible for the conviction of her boyfriend Mohammed Mohsin. But now the defence claims to have evidence she lied under oath.

Murdered Florida Student's Identity Confirmed
Deepa Agarwal's neighbours told the police they had been hearing loud and prolonged arguments, and occasional shouting in her apartment throughout this month.

Pro-India Forces in House Win Big In Defeating Anti-India Amendment
One hundred and sixty-one Republicans voted in favor of the GOOD SAMARITANSling Amendment and 54 against, with 8 Democrats in favor and 201against.

Unanswered Questions In Student's Murder
Detectives in Orlando are seeking information on a red BMW, hoping that it could give them clues about who murdered a 20-year-old Indian student at the University of Central Florida.

Grand jury indicts Indians for hijacking Cuban boat
Prosecutors said Gurpreet and Baljeet Singh, from India, and Mohammad Chaudhry, from Pakistan, faced 20 years in prison on each count.

Chandrasekhar Gets $1.5 Billion Tribute
Chandra, the $1.5 billion space observatory is expected to do for the world of X-ray astronomy what the Hubble telescope did for the visible sky: open up new worlds that have haunted the imagination of scientists for decades.

To many Indian Americans, Chandra offers special pride
'The next time, someone speaks of snake charmers, snake oil, and bride-burning, I will ask them if they have heard of Chandra.' THE KARGIL CRISIS Ackerman Challenges Pakistan To Reverse 'Betrayal' of Lahore Declaration
'India has demonstrated that it's a mature nation,' the Democrat Congressman said. 'That it's a responsible nuclear power; that it doesn't get provoked easily; that it knows real power means acting with restraint.'

If I Knew The Murderer, I Would Gladly Collect the $30,000 Reward: Inderjit Singh
The prime suspect in Vancouver editor Tara Singh Hayer's murder is to take a lie-detector test next week.

Albright Will Push For Resumption Of Lahore Process In Meeting With Jaswant
The Singapore encounter will be the first high-level Indo-US contact after the Kargil conflict. 'We'd obviously want to have a chance to hear what India had to say and what its concerns were,' State Department spokesman James Rubin said.

Radical Couple Realizes Rebellion Has Its Limits
Indian Amitava Kumar and Pakistani Mona Ali find it easier to overcome national barriers, than the ones in people's minds.

Kargil After Hours
For Indian and Pakistani expats, brought together at work during the day, it is as if Kargil did not happen. After hours, of course, their thoughts and actions are all about the conflict.

Indian, Pakistani Cricket Stars To Play Together in US, Canada
Cricketers from the subcontinent, who would not have played opposite each other just a few days ago because of the Kargil war, are joining hands to face a World XI.

Angry Fax Doesn't Mean I Am A Killer, Asserts Suspect In Editor's Murder
The prime suspect in Hayer's murder, Inderjit Singh, sees enemies everywhere -- from Jullunder to Vancouver.

Pallone Drums Up Support To Defeat Anti-India Resolution
'It would be seen as a purely punitive action, and create an atmosphere of distrust,' the Democratic Congressman told the House of Representatives.

FBI Warns Americans In Pakistan Of Danger From Bin Laden's Desperados
Indian American community leaders seek to use the situation to India's advantage.

Ackerman Slams Move to Cut Aid to India
A Congressional amendment seeks to place India in the company of Libya, Lebanon, Laos, Vietnam, Syria, Cuba and North Korea and withhold American assistance because New Delhi voted with the US less than 25pc of the time at the UN.

Moderate Sikh Leaders Doubt Police Theory In Editor Hayer's Murder
However, insists lead investigator Corporal Dan Russell of the RCMP, the motive of the suspected killer has been funnelled down to cold-blooded personal revenge. THE KARGIL CRISIS Pallone Takes Up for Kashmiri Pandits
Calling the state a killing field, the Democratic congressman called upon the National Human Rights Commission of India to term the violence against the Pandits genocide

Kanishka Bombers Linked with Sikh Editor's Murder, Says Son
'These men and women cannot stand any dissidence, any moderate voices,' said Dave Hayer. 'They terrorise us, and even threaten to harm our friends and relatives in India.' THE KARGIL CRISIS Gandhi Godse Cast Offers Charity Shows for Kargil Jawans
Actor Paresh Rawal and his 11 co-artistes have offered to perform free to raise money for the families of Indian soldiers killed in Kargil.

Sikh Community Turns Out In Numbers To Defend Nanny Basuta
'If Basuta is sent to England, or even India, she could regain her dignity and start life anew,' said a family member. 'She has already spent over a month in jail, keep her there for a few more months, but please let her go. She is innocent.'

Washington Rally To Keep Alive Kargil 'Treachery'
Several Indian American organizations in Washington area announced a protest rally outside the Pakistan Embassy on July 15 at 11 am, followed by a meeting with Congressmen at the US Capitol.

29-Year-Old Engineer-Turned-Lawyer Wins Landmark Immigration Case
The case involved three immigrants who had served prison terms, but were still detained because their native countries won't take them back. A panel of federal judges ruled last week against such detention.

Kargil On Their Minds
From Acharya Chandramaji to Congressman Brown, discussing the war at ethnic conventions seemed just natural.

Sabu's Daughter Scripts The Second Coming of 'Thief Of Bagdad'
Thirty-five years after the death of India's only superstar in Hollywood, Jasmine has set to fulfill her father's dream. THE KARGIL CRISIS Could We Not Give More?
'Every Indian organization, every Indian temple, every national convention of Indian organizations should have worked together and raised over $ 5 million,' says livery cab driver Raminder Singh, who says he has donated over $ 300.

India Features in $ 500 Million Disney Suit
Jeffrey Katzenberg's associate Sameer Mithal testified last week that Katzenberg was indeed right when he had argued that India would one day become a major market for Hollywood movies and videos.

Green Card Delay Will Continue, Says Immigration Chief
Legal experts believe while it took about a year for the change in status from a visa like the H-1 to a green card because of the huge backlog, many people may now have to wait for 18 months or even longer before they get their green cards.

New Study Blows Up Many Myths About Immigrants
Estimates show that the typical immigrant and his/her children pay an estimated $ 80,000 more in taxes than they will receive in local, state, and federal benefits over their lifetimes.

Tohra in Vancouver Upsets Moderates And Ultra Hardliners
In a show of one-upmanship, the day after the parades, moderates and fundamentalists were trying to show that their own parade had attracted more people.

Anti-Immigrant Website Sets AlarmBells Ringing
Craig Nelson, of, is convinced that the benefits of immigration are far small compared to the negative costs. America should not be allowed to become a third world country, he blandly declares.

Rival Sikh Parades Pass Without Incident In Vancouver
Each parade had about 20,000 participants, and RCMP constable Janice Armstrong said the Sunday events, watched by over 110 police officers, had no arrests or disturbances worth recording.

Burlington Couple Is Cremated
'Today is July 4, it's the day Nisha's parents could have taken her to see the fireworks across Charles River.'

Teen Killer Could Get 65 Years
In a few weeks, a jury will decide how many years 17-year-old Shiva Dayani would serve in prison for participating in a home raid that led to one fatal shooting and a stabbing.

Sexual 'Purification' Ceremony Leads To Conviction of Self-Proclaimed Godman
With the verdict, Bhogeshwernand (Sean) Sharma's days of playing swami have virtually ended.

Apex Court Rejects Pakistani's Plea Against Death Penalty For Killing CIA Agents
The Supreme Court threw out Mir Aimal Kasi's appeal against his seizure by FBI agents in Pakistan after a four-year long global hunt and posting a $1 million reward.

Across America Parents Get Their Kids To Chant Aum
The growing fad has fueled an industry of training classes, books and video and audio-tapes.

Canadian Police Cracks Down On Southeast Asian Mobsters In Vancouver
At least six Indo-Canadians connected with heroin and cocaine sale have been killed or seriously hurt in the past 12 months.

Jury Continues Discussing Punishment In Double Murder Case
'We have asked for death penalty and we hope the jury decides on it,' said John Maloney, the prosecutor

NYT Editorial Urges Pakistan To 'Force' Out Militants
At the same time, on Tuesday the newspaper also asserted that 'no rapprochement can occur without some sort of a political resolution of Kashmir's status'.

Dunkin Donut Shop Reopens 8 Months After Double Murder
Visitors have poured into the shop, to assure owner Jay Patel that he will have the support and backing of the local community in rejuvenating the mall that, not too long ago, attracted hundreds of families before the crime wave drove them away.

Immigration Center To Start At A California University
The University of California in San Diego, which has a Center for US-Mexican Studies, recently decided to study global immigration patterns, and how they have affected America.

Indians Protest Against Pak Across Golden Gate Bridge
In the biggest such action by Indians on the West Coast, about 2,000 Indian Americans in the Bay area formed a mile-long human chain across the Golden Gate bridge on Saturday to protest against the Kargil intrusions.

Reena Virk's Family Slams Hardened Killer
'A few words would have gone a long way,' said Ravi Pallan, Reena's uncle, reacting to Glowatski's refusal to address them despite the judge giving him to opportunity to do so.

Indians To Form Human Chain At Golden Gate To Protest Torture Of Soldiers
'While people of my generation could be sceptical of such efforts, younger people at Oracle and other Silicon Valley firms were ready to take the plunge,' says Mani M Manivannan of the Tamil Manram.

Accused in Dunkin' Donut Murders Found Guilty
Despite his protestations that he abhorred violence, and the police had extorted a murder confession from him, 27-year old Trone Tyrone Ashford was found guilty in the slaying of two low-paid Indian immigrants last year. He could get a death sentence for the slayings.

Sikh Woman Found Guilty In Child's Death Denied Bail
Allowing Manjit Basuta on bail would be inviting her to flee the country, the prosecutor argued.

Bill Seeks To Help Low-Income Immigrants
The bill seeks to restore health coverage cut by the Congress two years ago, and could help over 125,000 children and 50,000 pregnant women each year.

Father Held On $100,000 Bail In Child Abuse Case
At the Queens Criminal Court, Jagmohan has pleaded not guilty to assault in the first degree and endangering the life of his two-week old child.

House Extends Presidential Waiver Authority For Sanctions
The House of Representatives voted on June 15 to extend for one year, President Clinton's authority to waive some of the sanctions imposed on New Delhi and Islamabad last year.

Lawyer For Indian Nanny Convicted In Baby's Death Vows To Fight On
Manjit Basuta, who has British citizenship, faces 25 years to life in prison when she is sentenced July 13.

Man Sought For 'Senseless Murder'
Police have identified Teven Persaud as the gunman who shot and killed 19-year-old Abzal Khan, at a reception hall in Hicksville, following an argument and a fist-fight.

Visa Shortage For Visiting Professors Worries Universities
University administrators complain that most visas go to high-tech experts from India and other countries, and only a few dozen visas are left for academia.

Dunkin' Donut Murder Trial Continues
The testimony of Alicia N Holloway, 17, could help convict her former friend and crime-mate Trone Tyrone Ashford, 26.

Dunkin' Donut Double Murder Trial Opens
Trone Tryrone Ashford, who shot three Indian employees of a Dunkin' Donuts restaurant in Camp Spring, could face the death sentence if found guilty.

Hare Krishnas To Be Sued For Sexual Abuse of Children
Dallas attorney Windle Turley has already begun building a case against the movement, even though he does not specify how much in damages he will be seeking.

Satchidananda's Yoga Ashram Caught Up In A New Controversy
When a special issue of Vanity Fair recently ran an advertisement insert by Donna Karan and listed in "our favorite classes" a yoga institute in Manhattan, Rick Ross, a controversial cult fighter, began calling up the media. Why was Donna Karan endorsing the Integral Yoga Institute, he wondered.

Rejection of Mosque Project Riles New Jersey Community
'We have followed the law to the letter,' Yusuf Dadani said. 'Now, the only course of action available to us is to go to the courts.'

Appeal Planned In Paper Ganesha Case
'Because of this judgement teachers may hesitate to teach about foreign culture,' said Dr Bruce Dennis, superintendent of the Bedford School District. 'Most of the parents including Catholic parents did not find anything wrong in what we taught. In fact, they were embarrassed at the action of a handful of parents.'

Bangladeshis Denounce Activist As'Hindu Agent'
'She is a Hindu, she was born a Hindu and she could be an agent of India,' said one Bangladeshi businessman, of Mina Saha Farah. 'She has no business to talk about the imam -- or about Islam for that matter.'

First South Asian Elected To Ontario Legislature
En route, 48-year-old Raminder Gill, a member of the ruling Progressive Conservative Party, defeated two other Indian candidates.

Bar On Visits By Scientists From Sensitive Countries to US Nuke Labs Defeated
'Let us not cut off co-operation and scientific exchanges with countries like India that have not been stealing our secrets,' friend of India Frank Pallone said while leading the opposition to the amendment introduced by Republican Jim Ryun.

Pallone Chides Pakistani Envoy For Complaining Of Pro-India Tilt At State Dept
In a hard-hitting speech on Monday, the Democratic Congressman reasserted that Pakistan promotes "regional instability and commits or supports aggression against its neighbors".

Dr Shah's Prescriptions for Better Health Care Systems
Continuing medical education, documenting medical records, and mortality/morbidity peer review in hospitals, Dr Navin Shah believes, can improve the Indian medical system.

Smithsonian, World Bank Help Shah Put Up A Coin Exhibition
"I am doing this for two reasons: one is to educate the Americans about us and the other is for my family to remain connected to its roots," says Dr Navin Shah.

American Mothers To Solve Breast Feeding Problems With Some Help From India
Over 300 newborns in the Philadelphia area have enrolled in a clinical trial being overseen by Dr Vinod Bhutani. The purpose: to prove that babies move faster to the breast with the paladai than with the bottle.

Probe Continues Into Alleged Welfare Fraud By A-I Bomber Suspect's Wife
Satnam Singh's supporters believe she is being railroaded into helping the investigators build a case against her husband, Inderjit Singh Reyat, for the 1985 Air India blow-up killing 329 people.

In Defence Of The Battered
Ten years since it was set up, Sakhi is committed to all (survivors of) domestic violence anywhere," and not just South Asians as originally intended.

Providian Shares Drop As Fraud Investigation Continues
Providian, led by Shailesh J Mehta, an IIT alumnus, saw its shares drop for the fourth day on June 4 amidst fear that a three week-long investigation into its sales and collection practices could drag on.

Nupur Grabs National Spelling Bee With Logorrhea
Nupur, who gets a $ 10,000 first-place cash prize, plus products worth several thousands including encyclopedias, two airline tickets and computer software, has yet to decide where she will travel.

Professor And Former Graduate Student Create All-Terrain Wheelchair
A couple of months ago, Dr Vijay Kumar and his former graduate student, Dr Venkat Krovi, announced the functional prototype of a wheelchair that can climb stairs, navigate grassy surfaces and clear obstacles.

Killer of Teen Faces Life Term
A court in Victoria in British Columbia found 14-year-old Reena Virk's schoolmate Warren Glowsatski guilty of second-degree murder.

Srinivasa Drums Up Indian Support For Bush
'Indians have done very well under Republican presidents,' says Krishna Srinivasa, who has formed the Indian Americans for George W Bush committee to raise funds and drum up support for the Texas governor's presidential race.

Alternative Medical Plan Blocked at Major University
The plan by the State University of Stony Brook, which have now been put on hold, would have offered a slew of alternative medical regimes including ayurveda and Chinese and Tibetan herbal treatments.

SAMAR's New Bone Marrow Donor Drive
To get more volunteers, SAMAR plans to support the registries in India and other South Asian countries and link them to the National Marrow Donor Program.

India Justified In Defending Territory, Says Pallone
Representative Frank Pallone lashed out at fellow Congressman Sam Brownback for withdrawing an amendment against the sanctions.

The Need To Be Counted: Major Campaign Launched in New York City
'Many people do not realize that even if they are illegal here, they are still entitled for some medical assistance, at least in emergencies,' says Hardayal Singh, a community activist.

British Columbia Attorney General Furious Over Court Ruling
Ujjal Dosanjh is angry over a decision by Canada's Supreme Court which rejected his appeal of a four-year-sentence for a 48-year-old man who had stabbed his spouse to death.

Boy Jailed For 19 Days For Threatening Classmate The girl confessed that a classmate who was harassing her for the past year had carried his anger and rage far enough to create a web site called "Kill Leena" -- and many in school were logging on.

Five Skinheads Enter Plea Bargain In Gurdwara Murder Accused of beating to death 65-year-old Nirmal Singh Gill, the temple's caretaker, over a year ago, the men are now prepared to enter a plea, which will spare the British Columbia state a huge amount of money and time in a protracted trial.

Police Seek Information On Suspect In Salva Murder Case The Bergen County police is seeking a male Hispanic, between 20 to 30 years, about five foot seven inches, of medium build, with dark eyes and medium complexion.

Washington Worried About Escalation In Kargil India cannot hope for any high-level pressure on Pakistan from the Clinton administration just yet because of Washington's preoccupation with Kosovo.

Retrial Set In Serial Sex Attack Case George Philips, a 34-year-old handyman, could be deported to India after fulfilling part of his sentence. He is charged in Queens assaults with 13 counts of first degree sexual abuse, four counts of first degree sodomy, two counts of first degree rape and five counts of kidnapping.

Indian Businessman Seeks To Contest NJ Assembly Seat When Republican voters go to the primaries on June 6 in New Jersey's Middlesex county, they will have an opportunity to choose Sylvester Fernandez who could become the first Indian-American to be elected to the state assembly.

Fugitive Mother Returns To Reunite With Daughters Federal agents arrested Ellen Dever, Bipin Shah's estranged wife, as she stepped off a plane from Switzerland at the Philadelphia International Airport.

Police Seek Information In Newsstand Owner's Murder Newsstand vendors are a natural prey to robbers because -- like cab drivers -- they keep cash in their shops. More than 60 per cent of newsstand employees are from the Indian subcontinent.

Love Affair With Cousin Turns Into Murder; Boyfriend Held On a $1 Million Bail Kurt Latchman spent the last weekend hoping that his friends would bail him out of the jail, but on May 25 he was told that the charges of aggravated assault against him were being changed to murder.

Prosecutor Demands Murder Charge In Death of a News Vendor Amritlal Salva, 69, suffered a heart attack in captivity in Fairview, a small New Jersey city.

Inter-Religious Group Cleans Up A Vandalized Mosque In Chicago The mosque, renovated at about $ 3.6 million, caters to a significant number of immigrants - reportedly about 10,000 - from the Indian subcontinent living in and around Chicago.

Ban on cellular phones irks New York cabbies 'One feels psychologically reassured talking to a fellow Indian who is driving the cab at the same time in another part of the city," says one taxi driver. 'It is not that my friend could anything for me when I am mugged. But the reassurance is important.'

Sold-Out TIE Conference Was A Big Hit With 20-Plus Crowd The Entrepreneurship in the Internet Age conference was sold out, with at least 200 out of the 900 attendees, coming from other American states. The conference room looked more like the venue for a college function.

California Teenagers Target Bidis, Get Backing Of Influential Congressman It is very unlikely that Congressman Lloyd Dogrett had ever heard of the word Bidis but in the past few weeks he has been getting acquainted with such brands as Mangalore Ganesh and Kailas bidis.

With His Daughters Back With Him Bipin Shah Is Ready For Big Dreams While his critics continue to blacken his reputation, the millionaire businessman is ready for a number of big business ventures.

Sage To Silicon's South Asian Community, Kanwal Rekhi Is Set To Start A Think-Tank in India 'Being uprooted every so often is GOOD SAMARITANS because the insecurity is the most necessary thing for growth,' he recalls. 'That's why immigrants succeed in their adopted countries at a higher percentage than the natives.'

Legal Angel Or Mob Lawyer? Sarita Kedia, part of John A Gotti's defense team, says she is not worried about being called a mob lawyer. Her own ethics 'are always alert and alive'.

New York Judge Strikes A Blow For Medicaid For Immigrants Six months after a Syrian immigrant sought the help of the Legal Aid Society to challenge the 1997 New York State law that had denied her husband -- and thousands of other indigent immigrants -- Medicaid benefits, a court in New York has struck down the law.

Teen murder trial goes for verdict Several of 14-year-old Reena Virk's classmates - all girls - were found guilty last year of participating in her beating. A decision on prime accused Warren Glowatski's role is expected in two weeks.

Maharaj Speaks Out Eight Months After Gruesome Beating 'We are an American family. We raise the American flag. We are just as American as they are,' says Rishi Maharaj, a victim of alleged racist beating in a white neighborhood.

Sakhi Anniversary Gala To Honor Survivor Of Murder Attempt When Sakhi for South Asian Women planned a gala benefit dinner to commemorate its 10-year anniversary, hardly any of its activists thought they would have a big victory to be thankful for.

Dhillon Wins Battle Against Helmet Law Friday's victory was the end of a nearly three-decade-old personal struggle that began when he refused a job at a pulp mill in a British Columbian town because the owner insisted the Sikh shaved his beard and cut his hair.

Peaceful Resolution Sought In California Sikh Temple Dispute The leadership dispute in 1996 had erupted into a brawl involving more than 70 people but this time around, there has been no violence.

Peacemaker Pays With His Life Mahese Lall was killed in a Brooklyn bar when he tried to make peace between two men, reportedly Guyanese immigrants.

New York computer technician found guilty in fiery murder attempt For Sakhi for South Asian Women, that organized its first-ever demonstrations outside Mohammad Mohsin's home six months after the incident, and counselled the victim, the verdict was a victory for abused women.

Wisconsin wants to go to Punjab, but Republicans say no Wrote one Milwaukee resident: 'Why don't we buy the governor a one way ticket to Punjab and really diversify their culture? They could have tens of millions of Indians and one fat head!!!'

Mechanic gets life sentence for killing 'twin evils' Pakistan-born Zafar Ullah will not be eligible for parole for 15 years -- in most cases, lifers could apply for parole after 10 years.

Sexual abuse charge against NY imam riles Bengali Muslims The imam's supporters believe those who resent his orthodoxy have framed him. Others insist he touched the genitals of the boys -- ages 17 and 10 -- to teach them about the Islamic way of hygiene.

Rushdie Crosses the Picket Line The demonstration was part of the ongoing protest against the Rainbow Room, whose owners refused to hire 250 union workers.

No indication that $ 10 million Kanishka investigation will end soon 'This is too complicated an issue and everyone, from the Indian government to Sikh radicals to the Canadian government, has something frightening to hide,' one Vancouver businessman said.

Family feud turns ugly as nephew threatens to behead minister, molest aunt The uncle, Harry Lali, is a prominent politician in British Columbia. The highways minister testified in court against his nephew, who was put on probation for two years last week. A step away from death
While the discovery by Dr Sudhir Gupta's group is presumably only one small piece of the puzzle that explains why bodies weaken and perish with age, it may clarify why immune systems in older people are more vulnerable to disease.

Chicago hospital: Jaya beats Atal, Sonia in getting an institute named after her
The corruption charges against her did not affect the choice that Dr Prabhakar and his colleagues made. "Which politician today does not have a corruption charge, either here or in India, tell me?" he asked.

'Is putting silicon in one's breasts better than studying the Gita?'
Editors of a conservative newspaper at Duke University have alleged that that they were physically threatened for their objection to make the study of Hindi a major at the liberal school.

Boston reporter stands up to stalkers
For four years, Mishelle Michaels -- who was born in Calcutta and was named Anuradha Mukherjee -- has endured stalking and threatening letters.

Farooq wants to bury the hatchet, start anew on Kashmir
India is ready to accept the LoC as the international border and the Americans must tell Pakistan to start moving in the same direction. This was the thrust of the J&K chief minister's visit to Washington.

Hype, little action, surrounds murder of three immigrants in Vancouver
Slain editor's family expects an arrest but in 2 other high profile murders police have had no luck.

Doctor in trouble
Gynaecologist Kasthuri Pothiraj, who was ordered by a New Jersey court to pay $ 2.1 million in a medical malpractice case, is expected to appeal the jury verdict.

Appeal Process Set For Daughter-Killer
Harminder Singh Virk, who shot his 18-year-old daughter Ranjit Kaur when she "curled her lip" at him, has been abandoned by his family and the community.