Maairi   click here to listen to the song
Phir Dhoom | Music: Euphoria | Archies Music
Artistes: Euphoria
Euphoria lives up to the expectations created by its debut album. The songs are a mix of folk and pop. Each one is different and a treat to listen to.

Lara lappa   click here to listen to the song
Lara Lappa | Music: Jaidev Kumar | T-Series
Artiste: Gursevak Mann
Gursevak is an ex-pilot who decided that bhangra was his calling, rather than hanging out in the hangars. So he falls from the skies straight in the midst of an already crowded pop scene. The album has the usual share of kudis and balles, along with some hip-hopping beats.

Sakiya jaye kahan   click here to listen to the song
Intoxicating | Music: Hariharan | Magnasound
Artiste: Hariharan
Hariharan is back with another solo ghazal album using his unique voice to blend with contemporary beats and music. The album is upbeat and enjoyable.

Raat baaki, Baat baaki   click here to listen to the song
Jalwa-2 | Music: Akbar Sami | Times Music
Artiste: Various
After the successful Jalwa, the producers are back with the sequel which uses the same tricks as before. Using old film dance songs, remixing them with a lot of trance and techno music. Recommended only for the young and the young at heart.

Tere baare mein jab socha nahin tha   click here to listen to the song
Saher | Music: Jagjit Singh | T-Series
Artiste: Jagjit Singh
The voice of Jagjit Singh continues to cast a spell. He repeats the magic once again in this album as he sings about love, life and longing.

Noorie   click here to listen to the song
Bollywood Flashback II | Music: Bally Sagoo | Sony Music
Artistes: Various
Bally Sagoo, the man who mixes golden oldies, is back. A sequel to his earlier effort, this album sounds good as usual.

Dil chori ho gaya   click here to listen to the song
Chorni | Music: Anand Raaj Anand | T-Series
Artiste: Hansraj Hans
Hansraj Hans is seeking to capture the bhangra market with every effort of his. This is his second album in six months -- it's catchy though repetitive.

Ohm   click here to listen to the song
Ohm Karma | Music: Pravin Mani | Magnasound
Artiste: Pravin Mani
Pravin Mani is interested in different sounds, and never once does he try to mould his work into a pop album. The music is interesting and different.

Badal   click here to listen to the song
Ritika | Music: Vanraj Bhatia | Sony Music
Artiste: Ritika
Ritika is the latest entrant in the pop world. She comes up trumps, armed with a great voice and some really cool music, thanks to Vanraj Bhatia.

Jungle mein ek sher   click here to listen to the song
Jantar Mantar | Music: Anand Raaj Anand | Times Music
Artiste: Sunil Shetty
After Govinda, it's now macho man Sunil Shetty's turn to start singing. But this is not a filmi album; instead, Shettu sings for the li'l ones, along the lines of nursery rhymes. Cute stuff for kids aged below 10.

Tera milna pal do pal ka   click here to listen to the song
Jaan | Music: Nikhil-Vinay | T-Series
Artiste: Sonu Nigam
Sonu Nigam's sales rival that of Daler Mehndi. The young singer has managed to outsell and outstage every one of the much-hyped artistes of the pop brigade. The latest album too, sounds like a winner.

Mohabbat ho gayee   click here to listen to the song
Mohabbat ho gayee | Music: Roopkumar Rathod, Jay Vijay | Venus
Artistes: Roopkumar and Sonali Rathod
Ghazal singers Roopkumar and Sonali turn to pop music. Their album comes as a breath of fresh air simply because they have trained voices.

Aisa bhi kabhi hota hai   click here to listen to the song
Aisa Bhi Kabhi Hota Hai | Music: Santosh Nair | BMG Crescendo
Artiste: Sairam aur Sairam
Sairam's USP is that he sings his duets all by himself. Yes, he sings as the man and the woman, melodiously too at that. He has to be heard to be believed.

Saaiyan   click here to listen to the song
Saaiyan | Music: Ali Haider | Archies Music
Artiste: Ali Haider
Pakistani popstar Ali Haider is all set to conquer with his latest album, with some pulsating tracks and great lyrics.

Hum bewafa   click here to listen to the song
Return of Dance Masti | Music: Instant Karma | Sony Music
Artiste: Dance Masti
The producers of Dance Masti are back with a sequel that lives up to expectations. Some great renditions of old songs as well as new.

Dil chahe   click here to listen to the song
Dil Chahe | Music: Shiamak Davar | Universal
Artiste: Shiamak Davar
Shiamak Davar is back with his third album. The orchestration of the album is geared towards live shows which are Shiamak's forte.

Pal do pal ki chahat mein   click here to listen to the song
Pal do pal ki chahat mein | Music: Najam Sheraz | BMG Crescendo
Artiste: Najam
A new week and another newcomer in the pop world. This time it's Najam, a young man who uses the tried and tested route of mixing the old with the new. His voice though needs a lot of reworking.

Yeh dil sun raha hai   click here to listen to the song
Sansara | Music: Biddu | Universal
Artistes: Sansara
Sansara consists of three women. They sound okay when they sing in unison, but fall flat on their solo efforts. The band's USP is Biddu's music.

Jalwa   click here to listen to the song
Yeh hai jalwa | Music: Sanjiv | Universal
Artiste: Ram Shankar
Another engaging album from Ram Shankar. This one's music has the distinctive Ram Shankar signature, with folk tunes and lyrics that come straight from the heart.

Kudi patakha ho gayi   click here to listen to the song
Piya | Music: Lalit Sen | T-Series
Artiste: Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma began her career by doing Ila Arun imitations in her husky voice. When her single Vote for ghagra became a hit, she finally found her niche. Her second album shows glimpses of her talent.

Kudi kudi   click here to listen to the song
Kudi Kudi | Music: Jaidev Kumar | Times Music
Artiste: Jassi
Jassi hit bigtime with Dil le gayee, and in less than a year, he is back with his second album. Looks like, he is set for another hit with Kudi kudi.

Yaari yaari   click here to listen to the song
Yaari Yaari | Music: Jawahar Wattal | Tips
Artiste: Shankar Sahney
Shankar Sahney has a distinct, trained voice in his favour. His songs are above the usual fare, and the album is a mix of light pop and folk tunes.

Dekho tum jidhar   click here to listen to the song
Additappa | Music: Raju Singh | Virgin Music
Artistes: Caliche
Girl bands came to India with Models, who disbanded as quickly as they were formed. To fill that void, a new girlie band Caliche hits the bandstands, with some fast-paced tracks.

Y2K saal do hazaar   click here to listen to the song
Y2K Saal Do Hazaar | Music: Trilok Loomba | HMV
Artiste: Raageshwari
Raageshwari is back. In keeping with the times, her latest album is all about Y2K -- a medley of dance tracks and soft numbers. Fans of this actress-turned-veejay-turned-singer won't be dissapointed with the video of the song.

Tumko Piya   click here to listen to the song
Naina | Music: Julius Packiam, Gaurav Raina | Milestone
Artiste: Annamika
Annamika seems to be hungry for hits. She releases her second album of the year. Not that anyone is complaining, what with her songs retaining the folk element, mixed with pop tunes.

Haule haule   click here to listen to the song
Tum Ho Mere Pass | Music: Bhavdeep Jaipurwale | Rajshri Music
Artiste: Sonali Vajpayee
Sonali Vajpayee's debut album leaves one wanting for more. Her voice is soft and trained, and the songs complement the voice. She doesn't try to follow any trend, so the songs work to produce a great effect. Watch out for Sonali.

Thodi thodi saanjh   click here to listen to the song
Thodi Thodi Saanjh | Music: Saibal Basu | Archies Music
Artiste: Shibani Kashyap
Shibani's second album lacks her partner singer-composer Aslam's presence and a hit track. The songs are passable at best.

Lovely lovely   click here to listen to the song
Only Mohabbat | Music: Amir | Tips
Artiste: Amir
Amir joins the ever-growing ranks of young wannabe yuppies crooning. At least, he is easy on the ears, sticking to soft tunes.

Jaadugarian   click here to listen to the song
Jaadugarian | Music: Amar Haldipur | Venus
Artiste: Gurdas Maan
Gurdas Maan, the original bhangra king, now brings in Western influences to Punjabi lyrics. Nonetheless, his new album is great fun, and re-establishes his position in the midst of other wannabes.

Jadoo   click here to listen to the song
Rasiya | Music: Milind Ingle | Sony Music
Artiste: Milind Ingle
Another Ingle number from the same album, but even this one fails to recreate the magic of Yeh Hai Prem.

Kya hai yeh jadoo   click here to listen to the song
Kya hai yeh jadoo | Music: Vedic Chant | Archies Music
Artistes: Vedic Chant
They give pop a new spin, breaking into chants like 'Hare Krishna' and 'Govinda bolo' every now and then. Luckily, they don't sound bad and do come up with some energetic tunes.

Hayo dunk mar gayee   click here to listen to the song
Punjabi Munda | Music: Jawahar Wattal | Tips
Artistes: Various
Another album which banks on the remix craze. Along with a music video that looks like Hum Aapke Hain Koun or Hum Saath-Saath Hain, to be more with the times. The same old marketing gimmick -- old songs jazzed up with new beats and young voices.

Maine payal hai chhankai   click here to listen to the song
Maine payal hai chhankai | Music: Lalit | Polygram
Artiste: Falguni Pathak
After her successful debut last year as a pop singer, Falguni Pathak continues her dream run. Simple, yet catchy.

Pyar ke geet   click here to listen to the song
Pyar Ke Geet | Music: Sandesh Shandilya | Rajshri Music
Artistes: Subha Mudgal
The inimitable Subha Mudgal follows up her earlier hit album with another great one, with an attractive video to match.

Piya se milke aaye nain   click here to listen to the song
Piya se milke aaye nain | Music: Jawahar Wattal | Tips
Artistes: Hema Sardesai
Hema Sardesai failed to make a mark with her first pop album. This time she sheds the western image and goes in for the traditional with a vengenace. The songs and the video seem straight out of a Rajshri film.

Pyaar Bina   click here to listen to the song
Parvaaz | Music: Salman Ahmed | Virgin Records
Artistes: Junoon
Junoon fans are going wild over the new album. This is another powerful track with some great vocals and a powerful bass.

Dildar Yaar   click here to listen to the song
Jazba | Music: Anup Bhatt | Times Music
Artiste: Nirmal Pandey
Nirmal Pandey goes from acting to pop, churning out folk tunes with a western beat and zany lyrics to match. This song is the second instalment from the album, and -- thankfully -- less violent than the first.

Savariya (Once upon a time)   click here to listen to the song
Savariya | Music: Sriram-Radha | Magnasound
Artistes: 3 Brothers and a Violin
These brothers are new on the block and if they sound like the Colonial Cousins, you can forgive them because they sound great.