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The Graham Staines Murder Case

August 28, 1999

Massive combing operation underway to find Dara Singh

August 7, 1999

In Manoharpur, Graham Staines is just a distant memory

August 6, 1999

Panel blames Dara Singh for Staines murder

June 22, 1999

CBI files chargesheet in Staines murder case

June 10, 1999

Close associate of Dara Singh nabbed

May 18, 1999

Dara Singh identified before Wadhwa panel

May 7, 1999

Conversions may have led to Staines murder missionary tells Wadhwa panel

May 5, 1999

Wadhwa panel summons Dara Singh

May 3, 1999

CBI arrests two in Staines murder case

April 8, 1999

Key witness deposes before Wadhwa panel

April 7, 1999

Wadhwa panel begins hearing

March 27, 1999

CBI team summoned to probe Staines murder

March 24, 1999

Wadhwa Commission probing Staines murder gets extension

March 20, 1999

HC grants bail to 44 accused in Staines murder case

March 17, 1999

Government apathy stymies judicial probe into Staines murder

March 1, 1999

Wadhwa Commission officials visit Baripada

February 25, 1999

Orissa orders CBI probe into Staines murder

January 30, 1999

Staines's torching was pre-planned, says probe

January 28, 1999

Supreme Court judge to head inquiry into Stains' murder

January 27, 1999

The unholy fire spreads to Kerala
Dara Singh let 'loose a reign of terror' to usher in 'Ram rajya'
Bajrang Dal allegedly 'zeroed in' on Stains to 'end' conversions
Security tightened in Allahabad after attack in Kerala

January 25, 1999

'The only difference between Stains and a tribal was that he had white skin'
Crowds throng Staines's funeral
Conversions form a grim background to missionary's murder
Stains' killers deserve no mercy: PM
Australia condemns missionary's killing

January 23, 1999

Australia-born missionary, children, burnt alive in Orissa


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