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United States Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Richard Myers with Indian Army Chief General N C Vij in New Delhi on July 29.

Photo: Sondeep Shankar/Saab Press

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The Tango

Since 9/11, a common enemy -- terrorism - has brought India and the US closer in a number of areas, including defence cooperation.

General Eric K Shinseki, chief of the United States Army, and Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General Richard Myers paid visits to India this year.

The US also approved the sale of Israeli Phalcon airborne systems, worth $1 billion, to the Indian Air Force. News reports said the US was contemplating dropping restrictions on the sale of Israeli missile systems to India. The Barak missile has already arrived in India's arsenal and the Arrow anti-missile system may follow soon.

The largest-ever joint naval exercise, the fifth in the Malabar Series, took place on October 5 off the coast of Kochi, while special troops of the United States Pacific Command took part in high altitude warfare exercises in Ladakh in September.

Text: R Swaminathan

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