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The last Concorde passenger flight takes off from John F Kennedy International Airport en route to London on October 24.

Photo: Mario Tama/Getty Images


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Farewell, Concorde!

In the year when the world celebrated the centenary of flight, a passenger aircraft that symbolised supersonic aviation was grounded.

On October 24, the Concorde -- British Airways flight BA002 -- made its final flight from New York's John F Kennedy airport to London's Heathrow, ending an era of supersonic passenger flights.

Air France, the only other airline to deploy the Concorde, retired its fleet in May.

The Concorde, designed and developed by British and French engineers, made its first commercial flight in 1976. It carried about 2.5 million passengers in over 27 years of service.

Text: Ramananda Sengupta

The last supersonic ride

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