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Indian activists of the National Akali Dal Party shout slogans and hold placards against Indian Home Minister L. K. Advani during a protest against the increasing number of rape cases in New Delhi, 19 October 2003. A female diplomat, who worked in the Swiss embassy's consular section, was attacked 15 October, after she watched a late-night movie at an ongoing international film festival and went to fetch her vehicle from a car park to return home. Photo: PRAKASH SINGH/AFP/Getty Images
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Crime capital

A Swiss diplomat was headed for her car in the parking lot at the Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi, venue of the International Film Festival of India. Just as she got inside, two men forced themselves into the vehicle. One of them carried a gun.

Unmindful of the presence of several people, including policemen, on the premises, the men hijacked the car. They robbed the woman and one of them raped her in the moving vehicle after which he gave her a lecture on Indian traditions.

According to government statistics, on an average, one woman is raped every 34 minutes in India. More than one rape occurs each day in the national capital, New Delhi.

Just a week before the Siri Fort crime, a young girl accused members of the elite President's Bodyguard of gang-raping her in the Buddha Jayanti Park in south Delhi.

The army - the President's Bodyguard is an army regiment -- took a stern view of the crime and will court-martial the four troopers. But the Swiss diplomat's rapist is still at large. The Delhi police appear clueless. And there is little reason to believe this will change.

Text: Dhiraj Shetty

Swiss diplomat raped
Army jawans rape college girl
Crime capital

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