Preity's as naughty as she looks!
Want to know what Preity Zinta is crazy about? Hairstylist Avaan Contractor will tell you it is roller coasters. And she nearly got sick with nausea when Zinta insisted that Avaan try every ride in Disneyland with her when she toured the US last year.

"The higher it went, the louder she screamed and the more she enjoyed it. She just refused to leave; she wanted to get on all the rides again!"

Contractor also recalls the prank Zinta played on her on the sets. "She called me frantically to her room saying her hair was coming out in clumps after using some hair products I had just bought for her. I ran up three flights of the hotel, frightened out of my wits. And I discovered a gift-wrapped present waiting for me, with Preity and her hair looking as normal as ever!"


Writer's block?
This January, Karan Johar will begin working on a new script for his next film. Ask him what it is about and he shakes his head, "Even I don't know what it will be about. I have been taking a break to charge myself."

But what about Kal Ho Na Ho? "That's Nikhil's [Advani] film. I am not doing any work on it after having helped him on the script. I am just putting my feet up and relaxing, though the office is in a flurry now!"

So you will have to wait just as long as us to know whether it is a thriller or a love story.


Son rising
Ranbir Kapoor aka Rishi and Neetu Kapoor's son is carefully being readied for a celluloid career.

His recent appearance at aunt Ritu Nanda's book launch Raj Kapoor Speaks, had members of the industry remark on how well Ranbir is shaping up.

It will be four years before you see him on screen or behind the cameras, because the 20-year-old is studying at a four-year course in filmmaking in New York.

He says he is learning acting, filmmaking, direction and getting an insight into all kinds of films. He still has to make up his mind.

There is also squash, horse-riding, dance, diction classes and gym to attend. Being a hero is no cakewalk.


Killing the competition
Producer Ekta Kapoor has an ace up her sleeve: her pool of television stars which she can dip into to use in her films.

Not only are they cost-effective, they are also ever grateful to Kapoor. Four newcomers in her home production Kucch To Hai, which releases January 24, are from her various serials.

She says with a smile, "They are all so talented. I plan to give six more newcomers a break in my next film which should soon go on the floors!"

Oh yes, there are the directors of her soaps as well who get a break on the big screen.

Will the queen of the idiot box rule the silver screen? Time will tell.


Katrina's passport to fame
What do you do when you have lots of free time and a film at hand? Ask Katrina Kaif. The actress who will be seen in Boom! is passing time with diction and dance classes.

The actress admits, "Since Boom was in English, I didn't really have too many dialogues in Hindi. I am trying to get comfortable with the language and looking at a lot of offers. I also get a lot of help from the industry people about the films I should sign next."

Katrina knows a lot will ride on Boom! The film has been delayed and will release only in May.


Monika Baldwa

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