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Take a name. Calculate its astro-numerologic value. Add or subtract letters as needed. And your luck is made!

Bansilal Jumaani, whose fame is rising on celeb block, first added one 'a' to his second name, as his own total wasn't the ideal one.

He had more than his share of trouble, and like many a victim of fate, turned to astrology and numerology for help. The difference was that he studied the science, and began experimenting with the numbers game on himself.

After the extra 'a' came in, everything added up and today Jumaani is a fixture with the film fraternity and many others who have realised that there is safety and danger in numbers.

13kyun.jpg - 6136 Bytes His handiwork is noticed on the small screen. He's the man responsible for that extra 'k' in Kkusum, and for the spellings of Kahanii Ghar Ghar Kii, Kaahin Kissii Roz and Kyunki ..Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi.

An avid subscriber to film and trade journals, Jumaani would initially call up film folk and advise them either free of charge or tell them audaciously that they could pay him half his charges first and the balance only when (not if) proved right.

Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke He still does that if he is concerned enough, and he shows me a huge cheque for an auspicious amount that he has earned that day from the makers of the Madhuri Dixit-Ajay Devgan-Preity Zinta film Yeh Raaste Hain Pyaar Ke

Being a science, numerology can clash with superstitions. The makers of this film had two 'a's in Pyar as it had proved lucky for several films.

But the total was coming out to an unfavourable number. "The initial lot of their audio cassettes were out with the old spelling, but henceforth the name I suggest will be followed in the publicity and audio albums," says Jumaani.

"I wrote to Ekta Kapoor who was not doing well," says Jumaani about his first major tryst with Bollywood.

" Her new serial KSBKBT had been announced with an unfavorable spelling. I advised her to change the Kyoon to Kyun. Luckily, she paid heed to my suggestion."

Now, Jumaani shows me a paper containing names of over 25 Balaji Telefilm serials, released or coming up both in Bombay and in the South.

"I overview all their titles. Every name has its own luck, independent of who is making the film or serial.

A film or serial is like a building -- irrespective of the quality of ingredients what matters is that it should endure and not collapse. The numerological total of the names of the people involved comes in only when release dates are to be decided."

Contrary to popular belief, Jumaani isn't the man who gave Ekta her 'K' fixation.

"A Tarot card reader had advised her about that. She followed it with good success, like Rakesh Roshan and Arjun Hingorani. But I am also working on certain South Indian serials of her where the titles do not begin with a 'K'," he says.

Jumaani is happy that the Jeetendra parivaar has been prospering. "I told them that Tusshar would never become a star with the surname Kapoor. His first name too had to be spelt with an extra 's' and only one 'a', and his film had to have an extra 'c' in Kucch to work, or he would have to wait for 4 or 5 films to get success.'

13mkkh.jpg - 5262 Bytes One success leads to another and Jumaani is a regular fixture now with Vashu Bhagnani, the producer of Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai as well.

"I told him that Tera Jadoo Chal Gayaa would have been Abhishek's first hit if it had only one 'a' in Gaya, and his new film is now spelt Om Jai Jagadish instead of Om Jai Jagdish. With the old title, the hiccups had begun right from the launch, with Fardeen's problems and Tabu's exit."

13knph.jpg - 6704 Bytes Jumaani is confident about his predictions. "As of now, my margin of error has been at the most 5 percent," he claims, as he reveals that he was responsible for the spelling of Kaho Na Pyar Hai after Rakesh Roshan had launched it as Kaho Naa...Pyaar Hai.

"A close friend of mine is a film distributor and he had very good relations with the Roshans over the years. When I told him that the film would flop, he was upset because he told me that he would have to buy the film. I told him that he could do so if the Roshans agreed to change the spelling and that I could be paid for my services after the film's release. They agreed."

Jumaani is confident of his work, "It is part astrology, part numerology and part intuition," he explains. He even suggest that his clients change their names legally. As I wait for his interview, he advises a client that he should avoid red and black clothes till he sees him again for the final solution to his problems.

"Otherwise you might encounter obstacles in keeping my appointments," he tells him decisively. The right colors, precious stones and key days to avoid crucial business or career beginnings all play a major role in the dossier that he makes after two or three meetings for every client.

So how did it all begin? Jumaani's family, he informs you, was in the hundi business.

"We were four brothers. There was a family dispute after my father's death and I had to shift out of our family house to a small apartment with my family. I took an agency for Sun Control Films and took up astrology and numerology as a hobby to study."

"There are two systems of numerology, the Kabla, which originated in the Middle East, and the Western, where the calculations are made from numbers 1 to 8, with 9 as the number representing God. I followed the latter, which is a more accurate system, and experimented on myself and noted down the results."

Practice made Jumaani perfect and he first began working on friends and associates offering his services free of charge. "Today, I have made a name for myself. I earn good money because I show results," he says.

In his system, a month is calculated from the 21st of a calendar month to the 20th of the subsequent one. "If you are born on March 31, your calculations are made as if you are born on the 4th (3+1) of the next month, that is April. But till March 27, we have to consider the impact of both March and April."

He also adds other interesting observations. "A room that is livable always has four corners. They represent the four vital elements without any of which life in impossible - Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These four signs, as applied to the Zodiac, also determine resonance between spouses. Obviously Fire and Water cannot go together, as one will try to extinguish the other."

The Bombay-based numerologist concludes on a note of optimism -- adverse factors can be controlled by the right Jumaani package of spellings and other assitance. Seems like there's safety in Jumaani's numbers.

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