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Cell phones don't cause cancer

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April 13, 2005 06:36 IST

Relax! Your cell phone is safe.

Researchers at the Danish Cancer Society in Copenhagen, Denmark, say that they have found no evidence that would link use of mobile phones to brain tumours or to the risk of developing brain cancer.

The study said that mobile phones do not increase the risk of cancerous tumors after researchers interviewed 427 people suffering brain tumours and 822 others without tumours about their usage of mobile phones.

Professor of medicine Christoffer Johansen, who headed study, said it is clear that using portable phones does not increase the risks of developing brain cancer. And our findings are similar to those of other major studies, including a recent one published in Sweden."

The results were published in the health journal Neurology.

The study found that brain tumours, if they do occur, do not show a tendency to appear on that side of the head where a mobile phone is typically pressed.

The European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme, the International Union Against Cancer, the International Epidemiology Institute and the Danish Cancer Society supported the study.

The researchers, however, said that more such studies are required before concrete conclusions can be arrived at.

As a precaution, the Danish Cancer Society said that rather than holding the cell phone to the ear, everyone must use earpieces in the hands-free kits that usually come with the cell phones.