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61% Americans fear job-loss due to outsourcing

March 17, 2004 16:04 IST

Sixty-one per cent Americans say they are concerned that they (or a friend or a relative of theirs) might lose a job because the employer is moving that job to a foreign country, says a Gallup Poll.

Forty-one per cent say they are 'very concerned' about this happening, and another one in five (20 per cent) say they are 'somewhat concerned.'

Fifty-eight per cent Americans say that the issue of outsourcing US jobs to foreign countries will be 'very important' when they are deciding their votes for the President (in November), and another one in four (27 per cent) say it will be 'fairly important.'

On an overall basis, satisfaction with the way things are going on in the United States is declining in the US with the Gallup Poll finding that only 4 out of every 10 Americans are satisfied.

The current figures, says Gallup, are the lowest since last March and rank among the lowest of the Bush presidency. They also reflect a considerable partisan divide. Americans most often mention economic concerns as the most important problem facing the country. National security issues such as Iraq and terrorism also figure prominently in Americans' minds.

The latest Gallup Poll shows 39 per cent of Americans as 'satisfied' and 60 per cent as 'dissatisfied' with the way things are going in the United States at this time.

Economic concerns remain the most frequent responses for Americans when they are asked to name the most important problem facing the country, said Gallup.

About one in five say that either the economy (21%) or unemployment (19%) is the nation's top problem. Eleven per cent mention the war in Iraq or fear of war, 10 per cent mention terrorism, and 7 per cent mention national security.