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Signs such as these were hardly to be seen...

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Pink slips galore

Protests broke out in the United States and the United Kingdom over shifting of IT-related jobs to low-cost destinations like India even as American states attempted 'protectionist' moves to curb outsourcing.

Outsourcing has become the fastest way for US workers to lose jobs. Thousands, say American and British media reports, have lost jobs due to an economic slowdown and corporations' bid to remain profitable by slashing costs (and jobs). As more jobs move away to Asia, tensions in the West have peaked.

A spate of legislation to block everything from outsourcing of government contracts to L1 (business) visas and reduce the number of H1-B visas available have been introduced by US lawmakers. The UK ordered an enquiry into the jobs flight to Asia. The US has now asked India to open its markets, terming outsourcing as a two-way street.

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Outsourcing and India

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