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We shot this in Madh Island at 6:30 am last November. This picture was for my calendar. Sameera woke up at 4 am, finished her makeup by 5:30 am and reached Madh island by 6:30 am.

The earthen matka was transported in a cab so that it didn't break.

She’s wearing a sarong designed by Gavin McGill. She had tried on the outfit a few days before the shoot. The response and attention this photograph got was great.

Stars usually do not get cranky when they have to wake up so early. Because, after all, they want their pictures to look good.

This calendar had 24 girls. Each wanted her picture to be the best.

Sameera did ask why the picture could not be taken in the evening light. But the problem with dusk would have been that the sun goes into the water and the picture wouldn’t have been the same.

I shot Sameera’s first portfolio and she has lost tons of weight. She must have weighed 25 kgs more than what she is now. I have seen her transform over the years. What she has done to herself in terms of styling and grooming is admirable! She’s very focused.

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