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This is the second year that Riya’s in my calendar. She has one of the finest faces.

I wanted an early morning kind of picture: something sexy, but not vulgar. We wanted to leave a lot for imagination -- nothing to be seen, yet a raunchy feel.

I told her the concept on the phone and she was like, "Towel!" She kept asking if she could wear a bedsheet or a bath gown instead. She didn’t know how a towel would look.

In the studio, she wrapped the towel around her body. But that looked tacky. So I asked her to put it around her neck, like in the photograph. Later, she agreed it looked better. But she was worried how her mother [Moon Moon Sen] would react. She did not see this picture till it was released though she wanted to.

Her mother saw it much later, after the calendar released. She thought it was too sexy, and that being in the film industry, Riya shouldn’t have done it.

But the response to the photograph was superb. Riya was so thrilled that for her next ad campaign, she asked me to light her up like I did in this.

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