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For this picture, Rani was wearing a black polo neck. Mickey Contractor did her makeup. We were shooting for a Lux campaign. After we finished, she was looking really stunning. So we were inspired to shoot some more photographs.

Since she was wearing a black polo neck, I decided to go in for a black background and only spotlight her face and eyes. Thatís why we put her hair back so that her jawline was prominent.

Rani is a stunning face to shoot. She can carry off Indian as well as Western outfits with ease. She is very versatile in terms of expressions. If you explain the mood of the picture, she can give you great expressions. With a model, it is the pose and body language. With actresses, it is the expressions.

When Rani and I finally shot together, we did marathon sessions. We vibe very well. That is very important because the subject needs to trust you completely. Only then will she open up to you. So even if you have some bizarre makeup or experimenting, she will trust you to do a good job.

The first time I shot her was for the cover page of Showtime magazine. There were only two outfit changes required. I remember she preferred close-ups. In terms of styling, the shot was very basic. The less styled, the better she looks. She looks better natural.

We started experimenting from our second shoot together.

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