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I have known and shot with Bipasha when she was modelling, much before she stepped into films.

This was shot just after she became an actress. It was used for a film magazine cover. This picture has been cross-processed. It is not a normal print. Here, you can see a bleached effect, where the skin becomes whiter and the pink becomes brighter. It gives it a fashion feel, and looks unlike a film picture.

Bipasha is a stunning model with great body language. She is very experimental and is game for everything. When she comes to the studios, she spends the whole day there. She ends up having lunch here and just lounges around the place, listening to music. It’s a chilled out session. She doesn’t come rushed like most of the other stars. And she ignores her cell phone when she is shooting.

When she first came here, she was petrified of Flash [Dabboo’s boxer]. She is paranoid about dogs. But now, she is really fond of him. He’s one of the very few dogs whom she can get close to.

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