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We shot this picture at his home in his BMW X 5. He was in his car, adjusting his hair in front of the car mirror for the photo session. I thought that was a good shot. We tried various innovations. Sometimes, he would stand outside and I would shoot from the car and vice versa. This picture looked best. Though you may not recognise him.

He is also very difficult to get. That is why we shot at his home. The relation while shooting him is that between a director and an actor. You tell him what you want. He will give you just that and more. He always says he is not a model. So you will have to tell him what you want from him. You have to be clear. He never opposes ideas.

When I first shot him, he was not such a big star as he is today. It must have been around 1994. Of course, he was doing well and had this aura around him. We were to shoot at Film City, where he was shooting for a film. I just needed his close-ups.

I thought since he was the Shah Rukh Khan, he would be a great model too. But he said he couldn’t pose unless he was told what to do. I had to tell him exactly what I wanted.

In those days, I used to drive a white Gypsy. So I made him pose in front of my car and used the white bonnet as a reflector. I remember he joked, "So that is why you keep a white car!" He was very happy with those pictures.

I also shot some war sequences of his film, Asoka. It was interesting because it was pictures of him fighting the war and also, post-war, when he sees the dead bodies around him.

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