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April 4, 2000


Shah Rukh Khan answers your questions
'Nobody can be a film star like me'

When we launched the Star Of The Fortnight, we expected a good reponse. But you guys amazed us -- the amount of questions Shah Rukh Khan, our first Star Of The Fortnight, was flooded with is simply amazing. So much so, the star decided to answer 20 questions, as against the 15 we had originally promised you.

Also, we have a pleasant surprise. Out of the 20 lucky people who have had their questions answered by Shah Rukh (you can read your answers as well as listen to the big man yourself), five have been randomly selected for a special gift. Five of you will get Phir Bhi Dil Hai Hindustani memorabilia: tee-shirts, caps and pens.

The names of the lucky winners will be announced next week. Today, we carry Shah Rukh's answers to four of his fans. The remaining answers will be carried over the next four days. Keep logging in, you might just be the lucky one...

Question from: Vimal
Dear Shah Rukh, How is it possible for you to smile always ?. Dont you have any problems or worries?Iam jealous of you :-) Vimal

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Shah Rukh Khan: I don't think I have problems and worries. I mean, like, I have problems and worries like any other person has... you know, day to day, when you could have a problem and worry. Being an actor, of course, like, workwise, you do get a little tense when your film doesn't do well or, you know... you get anxious more than tense really. So, there is no such thing as, like, do I have a problem or a worry? Like do I worry a lot because of the kind of job I do? No. But... my father told me once that, you know, anything that you do, if you are able to look at the lighter side and there will always will be one. You know, you just need to look at the lighter side of things and 100 per cent, he said, there will always be one. You know, a lighter side to everything in life. You can do a lot more work, you can be a lot more productive if you are able to do that somehow. I've sort of taken that to heart and I do that.

Question from: Subrinah Rana
hi Shahrukh this is my fourth question to u.. My name is Subrinah Rana and i am currently living in malaysia. I am a very dedicated fan and i love ur movies ur intervies and ur acting... i just wanted to ask that will u want your son, Aryaan to become a famous filmstar like u or would u prefer him in a different proffession? If yes, which one?

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Shah Rukh Khan: I mean, I don't want to sound pompous, but I think nobody can be a film star like me. Not even my son. Nobody should try to be a film star like me, they should try to be film stars like themselves. And if my son wants to be a film star like himself, he should go ahead and be. If he tells me Papa, Dad, I want to be a film star like you, I'll stop him. I'll say, no, if you want to be a film star like Aryaan, go ahead and become one. If you want to be a film star like Shah Rukh, you already have that. You don't need to copy that. So, ummm, whatever he wants to do, I mean, I would not come in his way. I would like him... if he doesn't want to be... Like, for me, preferences are exactly the preferences I had. Now that I am an actor, I don't mind him being an actor or director or producer or whatever he deems fit. But if he wants to be a sportsman, it will make me very happy. I think it's very healthy. It's a very healthy way to lead your professional life -- to be playing games and earning money for it. And it's a very... To me, I still love playing games. And if he wants that, wonderful. Anything else, if he wants to be a microbiologist, if he wants to be a lawyer, if he wants to be a thinker, if he wants to be a philosopher, wants to be a chartered accountant, wants to join the army, I would be thrilled to bits. If he joins the army, I'll be quite happy. I'll be worried, but I'll be happy.

Question from: Rakesh Prajapati
Hi , I am your big Fan!!! I have a Q How many hours a week do you work on an average?? Thanks Rakesh Prajapati California USA

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Shah Rukh Khan: In a week? Uh, I, uh, I work about 15 hours a day and... what is the average? Need not be that I am shooting 15 hours a day, I shoot about 8-9 hours a day or 10 hours a day. Then the rest of the time goes in talking, working. Being at home also at times I work. What motivates me is the fact that I have been given such a big status right now as a star. And I'm not comparing it to anybody else's and saying I'm the biggest or smallest or medium-sized. But I've been given a big enough status in the last 7-8 years that I have been working. And I think it's time that I repaid it back. And the only way I can repay it back is by really working harder every time and making sure that at the end of my career, at the end of my... you know... when I stop happening, so to say... nobody should blame that I took back from the industry more than I gave it back. So that is the biggest motivation for me.

Question from: Sonali Sanyal
I have collections of all your work till now. But I do not have copies of your TV work (Fauji, Sanjah Chula and Circus) and it is driving me crazy. Can you tell me where I can get them from? I live in New York. Sonali Sanyal

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Shah Rukh Khan: I can help you, I can get access to Circus and maybe Fauji to an extent. Sanjha Chula, I really don't know... Sanjha Chula, no, I didn't work in. Sanjha Chula, I was supposed to work in it. I finally did not work in Sanjha Chula. Sanjha Chula was never made with me. But I have copies of... I was supposed to do it but one day the director threw me out. But I have copies of Fauji and Circus and if I am able to get hold of them from the producers, I'll try and send it across. Send me your address.

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