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September 18, 1997


Satyam Spark launches SearchPad 1.0

Satyam Computer Services Limited, the Hyderabad-based software exports company, has announced the global launch of SearchPad 1.0, the Internet-based product developed by its wholly-owned subsidiary, Satyam Spark Solutions Private Limited.

SearchPad is an interactive tool for Web search and content research. It allows the user to customise the search for information on the World Wide Web. The software is for a wide range of Internet users. It works on Windows 95 and the Windows NT 4.0 platforms.

Announcing this at a press conference, Chairman B Ramalingaraju said that worldwide SearchPad is the first product of its kind to combine artificial intelligence and pattern recognition concepts to provide a personalised information filtering system.

The interfaces are highly intuitive and user-friendly. "SearchPad is a new concept in using the Internet. We have developed SearchPad for the average Internet user who at present spends more time seeking information than the time spent with the information itself. It saves time spent on the Net while bringing the most appropriate documents. It is the first in a series of international standard products to be launched by Satyam," he said.

"The Internet market which already has 1.5 million Web servers and 30 million Internet nodes is growing at a rate of 80 per cent per annum. With the vastly rich repository of information, estimated to be approximately 100 terabytes, the need for intelligent search agents like SearchPad becomes imperative," he added.

The company claims that SearchPad produces accurate hits consistently and easily summarises the results. SearchPad obtains information based on the user's query and classifies it into well-organised categories relevant to the user's area of interest.

It is based on an advanced pattern-recognition algorithm. It classifies information based on the user's feedback and learns the user's preferences by iterative interactions. As a result, it is able to discern the user's interest to build a knowledge base of the user's profile. In addition, the user profile can be refined to get the most appropriate documents. The user can share these profiles across users on a network and reuse that too.

Satyam Spark Solutions is working on a series of products for the international market. The products under development include a neural network-based product for Internet application, an executive information system and data warehousing product and other communication-related products. It plans to join hands with venture capital companies in the US to develop these products.

The company plans to fix the price of SearchPad after discussions with prime marketing agencies in the world. It could be priced at about $100, according to Ramalingaraju.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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