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September 8, 1997


TVS Electronics jumps into the UPS business

TVS Electronics Limited, a leading maker of computer peripherals, has refocused strategy for the Rs 4-billion 'uninterrupted power supplies' market in the country.

The company, which manufactures and exports low-end and mid-range UPS systems under an OEM in partnership with $75-million Swiss-based Invertomatic Victron Holding SA (IMV), has now decided to become more aggressive in the domestic UPS market.

Special emphasis will be placed on the growing small office home office segment, according to TVSE director, Gopal Srinivasan.

TVSE has, thus far, had a small presence in the market through its 'Aegis' brand, launched three years back.

Speaking at the launch of its StartUPS UPS systems (250-700 VA) in Madras, Srinivasan said "Over the past few years, in association with our technology partners, IMV, we have developed the resources to assimilate their leading edge technology for IMV's market worldwide. With the creation of a strategic focus around our power supplies business, we can leverage our manufacturing and marketing network along with the strength of the TVS brand to penetrate the UPS market here."

As part of these efforts, TVSE formally restructured the company a month back whereby a new marketing arm, Indmark Infocom Limited, has been formed to market its range of UPS products - StartUPS, MahaUPS and soon-to-come LANUPS, in the domestic market. "We will provide right from 250 VA to 5 kVA UPS systems. We also can provide high-range systems up to 3000 kVA under TVSE's arrangement with IMV," said V Anantaraman, president, Indmark Infocom.

While low-end UPS serves a single PC environment, a mid-range is for workgroups and the high-range ones are for high-end loads such as industrial machinery.

The UPS market in the country is fiercely competitive with major players such as Tata Libert, Numeric, Gujarat Hydel, APC and Siemens offering systems from the low to high range. TVSE aims to capture 7-9 per cent of the market within a year. It hopes to sell 10,000 units in the low-end segment and about 1,500 units in the mid-range segment.

"We are targeting single PC professionals and the SOHO segment," said Srinivasan. "Almost 65 per cent of the market belongs to the low-end segment by numbers and by value it is 25 per cent which is Rs 1 billion. Our StartUPS is targeted at that," he said.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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