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May 30, 1997


Site listing all Indian software exporters planned

The Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council is all set to showcase Indian exporters and manufacturers on the Internet.

Announcing the details of their plans for India's biggest business Web site on the Internet, R H Naqvi, executive director, ESC, said "Cyberspace tomorrow will be the most potential medium for international marketing and is of special relevance to small and medium exporters and manufacturers of India, keen to participate in global trade."

Naqvi said the Internet has expanded into a global network of information, carrying personal, scientific and business data which can be accessed across the world. Experts estimate that it is already used by 40 million people and the figure will rise to 120 million by 2000.

Its global accessibility and function as a multimedia arena of the future has made it a new and unique business and marketing instrument capable of opening the doors to markets which were previously out of reach, he pointed out.

The international business of tomorrow would henceforth be conducted over the Internet which has become the preferred communication medium between overseas buyers and sellers, Naqvi said.

Research conducted by ESC reveals that many Indian companies are not clear about the choice of a Web site, design of Web pages and other important parameters relevant to putting their company on the Web.

Therefore it is essential to solve the problem through the efforts of the Council for an integrated business Web site that would be representative of India and also address a variety of business needs, in the manufacturing and export sectors like textiles, marine products, agricultural products and electronics and computer software.

"We intend to make available the enormous cost savings and benefits of doing business over the Internet for a cross-section of the Indian industry at the cheapest rate prevailing, both in India and abroad," said Naqvi.

Another unique feature of this business Web site is that it will be representative of the single largest business information base and will thus be a preferred site for foreign buyers.

The council is targeting to put 5,000 companies initially on the Web site which will make it the largest database in India.

Uniformity in design of home pages and flexibility to provide hyperlink into existing Web sites will ensure that the participating companies get maximum mileage out of the venture.


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