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May 28, 1997


'Computer languages in Hindi needed'

Developing computer languages in Hindi is the need of the hour as the Hindi speaking world must not lag behind in this age of ''information without delay'', many experts gathered at a seminar in Dehra Dun today agreed.

University professors, computer experts, Hindi writers and lexicographers from all over the country participated in a three-day seminar at the Indian Institute of Petroleum premises, highlighting the need to promote the use of Hindi while dealing with computers.

It is essential to develop Hindi terminology which would meet the standards of practical use and market forces, it was generally perceived.

Dr G P Vimal, director, Central Hindi Directorate, said in his inaugural address that Hindi, which is spoken by most Indians, should be strongly connected with the world of computers as computers are now ''an integral part of progressive life''.

P S Saklani, chairman of the Commission for Scientific and Technical Terminology, New Delhi, said the Commission is doing very important work in the field. And would soon prepare essential terminology in Hindi for use in computers. Floppies in Hindi are also being prepared by the commission, he said.

Sessions in the seminar, which concluded today, included those on computers and the official language; computers: research applications; and computer principles and elemental analysis.

Dr Shiv Kumar of Kota, Rajasthan, demonstrated the use of Vibha, a computer language in Hindi developed by him.

Professor Suraj Bhan Singh of the Centre for Development of Advanced computing, Pune, said computers had revolutionised the field of language and linguistics as it had become not only the tongue of humans but also of the machine.

IIP Director T S R Prasada Rao said computers were the very backbone of progress and without bringing computers within the folds of our own languages, the fruits of technology could not reach the common people.

Conducting the proceedings of the seminar, Dr D C Chamola, Hindi officer at the IIP, said the CSTT had rendered exemplary service in the field of Hindi.

Among the prominent people who attended the seminar were Professor Aditya Shastri of Vanasthali Vidyapeeth (Rajasthan), Dr A K Tripathi of Varanasi, Dr Baldev Vanshi from Delhi University and N D Paliwal and C P Prabhakar (both from Delhi).

Papers presented at the seminar would be published by the CSTT in order to create awareness as to what was being done to promote the use of Hindi in computers.


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