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May 23, 1997


HCL HP launches 64-bit business servers

Our Correspondent in Bombay

HCL Hewlett-Packard, as part of HP's simultaneous worldwide launch, has announced the latest range of the 'HP 9000 Enterprise Servers' in Bombay.

Based on the PA-8200 microprocessor, the world's fastest processor and the newest member of the 64-bit PA-RISC (precision architecture-reduced instruction set computing) family, this new range of servers is the most powerful.

Announcing the new range of business servers, Ajai Chowdhry, president and CEO, HCL HP, said "This is a new, powerful addition to our 64-bit RISC/UNIX family of products. These systems, based on complete 64-bit hardware and software features, are the fastest RISC/UNIX servers in the world. This will strengthen our stronghold on the RISC/UNIX marketplace in India."

Added, Stacy Plemmons, vice-president, HCL HP, "As part of HP's continuing strategy to provide leading edge products to Indian customers at the same time as their global counterparts, I am pleased to be part of this key announcement with HCL HP."

Targeted at corporate sectors including financial, commercial, telecommunications and manufacturing, the HP 9000 Enterprise server line constitutes the mid-range K-class enterprise servers and the high-end V-class Enterprise parallel servers.

With applications in network file system, computing, database management, Web and Internet solutions, the HP 9000 K-class systems can support up to six 200 MHz PA-8200 microprocessors. This feature lends the new range of enterprise servers high scalability and easy onsite upgradation, thereby protecting future IT investments of customers.

Further, the two new models of the HP 9000 V-class Enterprise parallel servers are capable of supporting large parallel processing and multiprocessing technologies, largescale decision support and data warehousing. All existing K-class server models are board upgradable to the PA-8200 microprocessor.

The new K-class and V-class Enterprise parallel servers will form a part of the Enterprise 2000 programme. This programme is focused on providing customers the technology, consulting and training.

HCL HP is the leading platform for SAP/ERP users in the country with over 90 per cent market share and has the largest installed base of RISC/UNIX servers in the country with over 30 per cent market share.

According to the Aberdeen Group Report 1996, HP is the undisputed leader's in the global RISC/UNIX market, with a worldwide share of 52 per cent.

HCL Hewlett-Packard Limited is a part of the $550 million HCL Group. It is the joint venture partner of Hewlett-Packard Company, the $ 38.4 billion information technology multinational.

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