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June 2, 1997


Job market goes online

Calling up to ask about a job is pushy, sending an application through the post is outré if not quite out. What remains? The Internet, of course.

It has its advantages: No more messy stamps, tasting gum and finally dumping letters into a post box to reach its destination some days later, if at all.

Many corporate firms in India have put up their ads on sites across the Internet. If the job profiles suit you, you can fill the form. Within seconds the message reaches its destination. If any problem occurs in delivery, you get a message saying you messed up bad somewhere. Otherwise, the only possible delay that could occur is that the receiver takes his or her time to open it. But, seriously, how often do you worry about people whom you send letters to not reading them?

Once they get the e-mail, it is most likely the companies will respond by e-mail too.

Recruitment ads online help get employees from across the world, important in fields where skilled manpower is hard to find and difficult to keep.

One such company is Wipro which hires people through its site. N Krishnakumar, chief executive of the software products and electronic commerce division, says Wipro decided to target expatriates and non-resident Indians who wish to return to India.

He admits though that the response from Indians abroad has lacked the expected enthusiasm.

Indian firms also want to know if their candidates fit culturally into their setup, asking candidates in India to come over personally before taking a final decision. Candidates abroad have to settle for meeting the person heading the company's unit in that country.

Thermax and Telco also recruit online. Hindustan Lever Limited, Tata Consultancy Services and Infosys invite applications through their own Web sites. Either way, speed of communication is not affected.

HLL, which launched its site in October 1996, targets Indian students and professionals, especially scientists, abroad. Besides information about the company, the site also lists vacancies and job profiles. If you like the job and associated perks you can fill the online form and e-mail it across. Wait awhile and check your mail. You never know, you could have a job in minutes.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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