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July 24, 1997


Microland to restructure activities

Microland Limited, the Bangalore-based leading networking company offering enterprise solutions, is reworking business strategies to shift focus to products and platforms that Indian business houses and industries need to adopt for optimal use of resources.

Having established itself as a market leader in the networking business during the last seven to eight years by roping in partners of global repute, the Rs 1.57-billion company has decided to enlighten vendors and existing/potential customers on the need to measure the value or impact of information technology on their business plans, current and future.

Chairman and Managing Director Pradeep Kar has said that Microland's focus hereafter would be to associate itself with customers and end-users in formulating their business strategies than just providing networking products and solutions to automate operations for enhancing productivity or efficiency.

The core area will now be consulting. The company has appointed Operations Director Jawahar Bekay as its first chief executive officer to work on its plants.

"Instead of limiting our vision to the year 2000, as many have done or are doing, we have drawn a vision for the coming decade. This is to evolve an information society in the country which will not only enable us to integrate with the rest of the world, but also put the Indian economy on a global pedestal. I visualise that in the years to come, more and more customers will expect companies to partner with them through the process, going beyond assembling customised products and solutions, to sharing the inherent risks and rewards any business venture will have," he said.

According to Kar, in the vicious cycle of technology-driven markets and market-driven technologies, Indian corporate houses stand to lose if ad hoc decisions are made.

Information updates on the availability or trends of changing technologies will be a key factor in the profitable use of it. Keeping in view the growing needs of Indian business houses and industries, covering a gamut of areas such as manufacturing, processing, banking, money, stock markets, IT and electronics, academic and research institutions, Microland has undertaken an extensive study of the key role information technologies would be playing in these operations or functions.

"The structure of it in the future will have three dimensions: technology, knowledge of industry and business practices. Industry cost structures will be based more on skills than on assets as of now. Businesses will have to control costs while enhancing productivity," he said.

The company's newly floated IT Consulting Services group will include planning the IT environment and information architecture, designing the network and assessing the type of systems, software and applications necessary to meet the needs of the business, while keeping in view how the changing needs of the business will affect technology requirements.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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