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July 16, 1997


SQL Star, Seec Inc offer Y2K seminars

Three international seminars on 'End-to-end solutions for year 2000 compliance' will be held soon in India by the Hyderabad-based SQL Star International Limited in association with the US-based Seec Inc.

Hyderabad, Bangalore and New Delhi will be the venues for the seminars on July 19, 22 and 24, respectively.

According to SQL sources, the seminars have been conceived as part of the global efforts to find a practical solution to the Y2K problem. "Experts from Seec, which have specialised in Y2K solutions and which have also won the 'Entrepreneur of the year' award in the US announced by the Ernest & Young group, will share their international experience on approaches to solving the problem through demonstrations involving actual case studies and real-world situations," the sources said.

They added that the seminars would be a blend of theoretical background and practical exercise to enable the participants to gain an insight into various aspects of Y2K compliance such as project management, Y2K impact on business processes and analysis, planning, source-code renovation and test-case generation.

The seminars would also emphasise on trouble-shooting processes - from assessment to problem correction - besides focusing on the latest available solutions for tackling the bug.

Various chief information officers, CEOs, business analysts, senior software professionals, project managers and senior executives from software export houses engaged in solving the Y2K problem would be attending the seminars.

Four sessions have been planned for each seminar. While session one deals with the presentation on century change impact, the conversion effort, estimated costs, management reports, technical reports and the assessment phase.

Session two, which deals with presentation on solution planning, covers creation of a compliance plan for case study, business considerations and determination of the scenario for each system, and documentation of compliance standards.

Session three discusses available Y2K conversion resources, the rule-based approach, process flow for renovation role of unit testing and system testing, date simulated testing, and regression and path coverage.

Session four will be occupied with panel discussions, export opportunities and the world scenario.

Seec is one of the leading US companies based in Pennsylvania, engaged in the production of re-engineering and Y2K tools for mainframe platforms. It has developed Y2K optimum solution tools 'COBOL Analyst 2000' and 'Smart Change Factory'. Its Seec Y2K Software Tool Suite is licensed by IBM Global Services division and Unisys Corp among others.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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