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July 15, 1997


Oracle offers three new products

Oracle India has announced the release of three new products - the Oracle Supply Chain Planning, the Oracle Supplier Scheduling and the Oracle Product Configurator modules - to provide its customers with better management and control of their supply chain.

Oracle's supply chain solutions support a broad range of manufacturing environments and requirements. Combined with support for multiple computing platforms, including the World Wide Web, Graphical User Interface and character modes, Oracle supports a networked supply chain, effectively integrating business processes and the requirements of customers and suppliers.

Oracle Supply Chain Planning will enable customers to more effectively plan and optimise operations across a global supply chain. The supplier scheduling is a product that will streamline and automate the order management process between a company and its suppliers resulting in a reduction of non-value added procurement costs, and a faster, more efficient procurement process.

The Product Configurator module is aimed at improving order taking and fulfilment productivity. The product will help ensure that only manufacturable orders are taken and shipped by the company.

Oracle is also set to deliver the industry's first comprehensive Web-deployed line of client/server applications by late summer 1997. These applications are designed to reduce the significant costs and maintenance associated with mission-critical client/server computing.

The entire range of Oracle's application suite, including financials, manufacturing, supply chain management, and human resource modules, can be deployed on any client platform that supports Java-enabled browsers. These client platforms are expected to include PCs, Macs and Motif-based machines as well as the network computers.

Oracle Applications are based on the Oracle Network Computing Architecture, a cross-platform, standards-based environment for deploying network-centric applications that can deliver a wide array of information on demand.

Designed to be universally deployed, the applications utilise an advanced, self-service user interface and workflow technology to deliver business information to users in a format that does not require an in-depth expertise and training on the system. The applications, which include Oracle Web Employees, Oracle Web Customers and Oracle Web Suppliers, enable individual users to perform data processing tasks without needing to understand the complexities of the application - business rules are automatically enforced by the system.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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