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September 30

Quibbling with MTNL puts new VSNL accounts on hold

Gujarat unveils IT policy

BFL Software to set up shops in US, Japan

SQL plans to raise Rs 240 million on the bourses

September 29

Telephony people want to shove out ISPs

TRAI moots 'portable' phone numbers

Software industry asked to comment on ESOP regulation

Training industry seeks 'IT services' status

September 26-28

MP becomes first state to hook all administration to the Net

Hardware panel to soon submit report

HCL shuffles businesses into three decks

Onward Novell begins e-commerce thrust

September 25

M&A will catalyse software industry: Narayana Murthy

Madras Netizens get an exclusive digital exchange

Xylan may set up design centre in India

VSNL to invest Rs 10 billion this fiscal

September 24

The October Revolution
The final ISP guidelines are slated for an October 2 announcement. Then there will be nothing to hold back the Internet horses.

September 22-23

General V P Malik is breaking a tradition of tech isolation

Reliance to provide satellite phone services

MAIT is writing code of ethics for members

ISRO inducts THAICOM-3 transponders

September 19-21

The life of a cell phone licence has been extended to 15 years

HCL bags Rs 21.5 million ERP project form Godrej

NIIT to acquire software services company in US

Global Telesystems to sink Rs 2 billion in ISP venture

September 17-18

A new system will provide more phone numbers

VSNL to curb risk to 20 per cent in satphone ventures

NIIT readies marketing team for Europe

Kerala announces large subsidies for IT projects

September 16

The textbook CEO
In a rare interview, Azim Hasham Premji talks his mind on the future of Wipro, the information technology business and the competitiveness of Indian companies in the global economy.

September 12-15

World Tel to set up Internet community centres in West Bengal too

Motorola India joins Teledesic development efforts

Task force recommends creation of 'sweat shops'

Madras traffic police is on the Web

September 11

Next time you lift the cell phone, the govt may be listening in

Big overhaul in telecom tariffs

Zero import duty suggested for local PC makers

Universal Wireless Communication Consortium meets

September 9-10

The customs think the Pentiums are PCBs!

DoT to sanction 56,000 WILL lines

Tata Cellular launches 'Costa Corridor'

SAARC IT centres mooted

September 8

Surf's up in sambar land

Bharti and BT tie up to provide Net access

MTNL set to take over Madras too

A short recap on Internet developments in India

September 5-7

VSNL and DoT sign performance-commitment MoU

Pressure mounts on govt for e-commerce laws

School curriculum put on CD-ROM

Tamil Nadu to set up its own IT taskforce

September 4

HCL launches India's first toll-free support service for PC users

Vittal sets tone for multilingual IT talks

IIM-B offers 'post-graduate programme in software enterprise management'

Rupee's fall makes hardware inventory significant

September 3

SAARC nations meet to discuss tech for multilingual computing

Cyber laws draft finalised

VSNL-ICO joint venture to offer satphone services

Haryana to build Rs 500 million IT facility at Gurgaon