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June 30

Business is unusual
Can Indian IT perform independent of Indian economy? Yes, say IDC figures.

June 29

At $2.65 billion, software export has grown 56 per cent

June 27-28

India's server market growth is terribly lagging

Assocham calls for review of New Telecom Policy 99

Pager service collates medical info for Bangalore doctors

Wipro Infotech wins SEI Level 5 quality standard

June 25-26

Permission for private ISP gateways in sight

Gray Cell gets $1.7 million in venture capital

Compaq India will allow buyers to customise PCs

Tamil keyboard, word processor released

June 24

UP farmers join the digerati

Hughes Escorts bags bank network job

TRAI has multiple plans for opening up domestic long distance market

June 23

Cisco upgrades India office to a subsidiary

Asia-Pacific PC sales improve

Datapro to open training centre in Dhaka

June 22

E-commerce in analog India
N Vittal prescribes tech, policy and law strategies specific to India.

June 19-21

$40,000 for your thoughts
An interview with Murugavel Raju, worldwide winner of Texas Instrument's 'Analog Challenge'.

June 17-18

Internet Unplugged
No cords, no modems, no dial-up, only high-speed WWW from IIT, Madras.

June 16

APSWAN comes to life

E-commerce should not wait for e-laws, says Ahluwalia

Only 9 per cent of PC owners are on the Net

APC to manufacture UPS units in Bangalore

June 15

For want of a double-click...
N Vittal discusses the impact of information technology on international security and warfare.

June 12-14

Satyam launches Dr Millennium, Web-delivered Y2K solution

Madras Telephones deploys IN services

VSNL creates post of executive director, vigilance

June 11

NASSCOM survey announces verdict on Y2K effort in government

Jagmohan denies he was lobbied out of ministry

June 10

Jagmohan lets fly at industry

Microtek to make modems in India

Sun's JavaServer Pages released

June 9

Intel joins effort to introduce multimedia to villagers

Infosys ties up with Cybersource Corporation

NSE upgrades software toward Y2K compliance

Sri Lanka gets its first globally managed data service

June 8

Costs keep smaller firms from adopting ERP, says IDC

Bharati Telecom bags $50,000 job in Nepal

Microsoft gets big IT names to endorse Office 2000

June 6-7

The 5th letter
In e-business and e-commerce, 'e' should stand for education and entertainment, argues N Vittal.

June 4-5

Bombay PR firm sets up Y2K image management group

GE Cap to set up IT enabled services unit in Hyderabad

Kerala takes IT training to 'neoliterates'

Department of Posts wins applause

June 3

From email sorting newbie to hopeless chat junkie

Tatas to divest holding in IBM ventures

Bhutan gets Internet, TV in one go!

CVD Inc to set up Rs 220 million plant in Hyderabad

June 2

CMC equity base raised by Rs 98.5 million

Vittal calls for Freedom of Information Act

Tata Honeywell dividend is 40 per cent

Cellular companies blamed for flouting policy

June 1

Revenge of the nerds!
Warlock Srikant Sreenivasan prescribes three recipes for stirring graphics out of shell accounts.