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February 27-March 3

While hyperlinking Andhra Pradesh...
Rentala Chandrashekhar, the state's wireman, shows how government can make people click.

February 26

Penguins can fly too!
The best things for ISPs come free. Srikant Sreenivasan roots for Linux, OSS and freeware.

February 24-25

MS versus Jolly Roger
Swashbuckling crusaders from Redmond challenge Long John Silvers of the Indian coast.

February 23

K Kannan bares a banker's soul to the IT industry.

February 21-22

Black leather jacket?
Nah! That was the Sixties. The trip now is to spook VSNL's shell account into doing graphics!

February 20

Briefly speaking...
Here's a quick take on the government's plan for the ISPs.

February 19

The money machines
Fast computers and networks are the only hope for India's finance sector, argues N Vittal.

February 17-18

An idea whose time's not come
The ISP Association of India has been set up. Now all they need are members ;-)

February 16

Dilip D'souza is Y2K compliant!
Are you? What follows 1999? If you said 2000, you goofed. The trick answer is 2K.

February 14-15

Digitally, Dr Watson!
The CBI sets up a Cyber Crime Unit.

February 13

The foreign hand
The International Telecom Union will help the Indian government draft its new telecommunications policy.

February 12

Click here for money!
ICICI Bank is moving into real-time online banking on the Internet.

February 11

VSNL and govt quibble over extending telecom tax sops to Internet services

Phone tariffs redo decision next week

LTITL announces Seagate Info 7

United Telecoms bags AP govt network job

February 10

TamilNet's invited help for Tamil keyboard standard

STPI enters alliance with CMG

Autodesk announces AutoCAD upgrade programme

Kerala to set up Rs 300 million IT management school

February 9

Electronic governance proof of concept centre at IIM

Cellular operators may weed out dormant subscribers

Tata-IBM changes market focus

SGI India launches NT workstations

February 7-8

Videocon marries multimedia computer to 25-inch TV

CBS to sink Rs 120 million in Indian subsidiary

STPI to focus on small and medium enterprises

MDC set to spread wings

February 6

Group of ministers to put hardware report on fast track

Philips may tie up with VSNL for 'Internet TV'

CMC declares results

Koshika to help DoT set up rural network.

February 5

Only 30 % with means to log on own Net connections

Cellular investors offer their stakes to BPL Mobile

HCL launches its first ready-to-use package

Minister hints at hike in phone tariff.

February 4

Govt trips efforts for PC sales ambition.

MTNL buyback rate fixed at Rs 176 per share

Karvy enters information technology industry

Gujrat CM announces incentives for rapid growth of IT

February 3

Tamilnet 99 will standardise Tamil keyboard

Internet reaches Sikkim

Pitroda sells 'IT for socioeconomic transformation'

Infotech ties up with Navionics

February 2

Aditi's 'Talisma' is first Indian product on MS' SBN site

IBM and Aptech tie up for e-business opportunity

Strabus has two big domestic jobs in pocket

Wipro will do billing and fraud management for Modi-Telstra