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August 28: Day 3 at IIW '98

'Everybody has good ideas. It is the implementation, which is not trivial'
An interview with Hotmail CEO Sabeer Bhatia


The exhibition is a spanking success!

Internet and the banking and finance industry

Of site traffic and empty seats

Payment services for Web based e-commerce

Building multilingual Web sites

Gene DeRose has radical views on e-commerce

Mike Antonelli of IBM gives the last keynote lecture

August 27: Day 2 at IIW '98

A happening day at IIW

In recognition of a new media

Ad and seek

Narasimha Rao wows all

An interview with iPass chief Chris Moore

'We'll know e-commerce works when it disappears!'
Chris Vanderberg of Microsoft tells Rediff

Amitabh Kumar defends VSNL's position

The dos and don'ts of Web retailing

Hotmail founder Sabeer Bhatia is star speaker

DeRose is most sought after

August 26: Day 1 at IIW '98

Well begun is only half done

CyberCash ties up with Man-n-Machine

ROI: Joel Maloff lures businessmen on to the Web

An interview with Tom Burns of Intel

Personalisation key to content, says Vandenberg

Dewang Mehta runs through software statistics again

The online news business

David Yuen on the technology of digital commerce

ISP backbone: Design challenges and issues

CyberCash CEO William Melton delivers the keynote

Chandrababu Naidu opens the conferences and exhibition

August 25: IIW '98 Pre-Conference Forum

Pre-conference forum runs unplugged

Cryptography and e-commerce

The enabling technologies for e-commerce

Education will benefit the most, big shots agree

Fundamentals of electronic commerce

Crystal Waters on graphics

Designing information for the Web

August 25

India Internet World '98: The country's first Web jamboree is hours away

NIIT may acquire US training institute

Microsoft, Compaq join Sterling's ISP venture

Government may divest 10 million shares in VSNL

August 22-24

Manufacturing in the time of dumping

Indian language office suite launched

U R Rao chides Taskforce for ignoring chip making

Software exports shoot up to Rs 4 billion

August 20-21

Texas Instruments shelves fab project in India

HCL corners 41.78 per cent of the branded home PC market

Wipro launches India's first Celeron PC

IBM Global may invest in Equifax Venture Infotek

August 19

Teleglobe may join MTNL's ISP effort

CSIR to market hi-tech software

PCL fails to placate creditors

Karnataka's IT.COM '98 takes roadshow to Hyderabad

August 18

Anti-bomb sanctions cut off funds to Hughes Ispat

L C Singh quits TCS to join RPG

Infosys wants to swap stocks overseas

Kerala stumps its own Technopark

August 15-17

Karnataka sets up a Rs 150 million VC fund

Sun rises by 26 per cent

August 14

A dozen men are handpicked to hunt down enemies of the software industry

Digital India income climbs by 25 per cent

HCL licenses ASIC tech to Samsung

Arena to hawk SCU degree in multimedia

August 13

MTNL is now talking timeframes for cell services

Maharashtra announces 'AAA' infotech policy

August 12

Taskforce wants computers in schools that don't have blackboards

Baan opens global facility in Hyderabad

Compaq Integrity XC server launched

Global Telecom strikes pact with Microsoft

August 8-11

Indians abroad can make calls payable in rupees back home

Order on bank sops for infotech comes through

August 6-7

There's an exodus at C-DAC

Maharashtra joins race to woo IT megabucks

August 5

Re 1/- only

Lending to IT industry put on priority

August 1-4

IDC India makes math do astrology

Wipro Domino Net Services launched