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January 27, 1998


Hexaware's new CEO's new plans

Email this story to a friend. G S Krishnamoorthy, who quit DSQ Software Limited last year as its chief executive officer and director, is now heading Hexaware Infosystems Limited, the software arm of the Apple group of companies, as its CEO.

In a related incident, Hexaware, is shifting its headquarters to Madras.

Krishnamoorthy has revealed his plans for the company and how he, in his new role, would contribute to its growth.

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While the main focus of the Madras development centre would be Y2K, for which the company has about 14 projects, the other areas would be re-engineering, maintenance and offshore development.

Krishnamoorthy has a two-pronged strategy to start with. The first is to bring in "exciting projects'' both for the company and for the employees. "Such projects will not only enthuse employees but will give them a quality career direction,'' he said.

As an obvious step, he proposes to start leveraging his Japanese "contacts''. It is a commonly held belief that Krishnamoorthy was largely responsible for the many Japanese contracts that DSQ Software bagged, some of them from NEC, Oki and Nippon.

He now hopes to get started in the new place with them. "It is the most logical way any businessman will approach,'' he said. His seriousness for Japanese contracts is reflected in the fact that he proposes to start Japanese classes in the company, as part of the employee-training programme.

The other areas from where he is looking for project contracts are the US and Europe, and he will be travelling to those places shortly.

Currently, the company has wholly owned subsidiaries in the US and Europe. "If the market justifies it we may plan one in Japan too,'' said Krishnamoorthy.

The second strategy that Krishnamoorthy wants to aggressively pursue is that of "synergising Hexaware and Aptech''. He wants to selectively utilise the trained professionals of Aptech by inducting them into Hexaware and training them.

"Aptech has a goldmine of trained people and this way we will also be sourcing our employees in-house,'' he said.

Speaking of the new centre in Madras, Ganesh Natarajan, managing director, Aptech Limited, said that all of Hexaware's future expansion is going to take place in Madras, as it is the most "amiable place''.

The Madras office is slated to take about Rs 100 million of investments, much more than the Bombay office, into which about Rs 25 million have gone. Apart from these two centres, Hexaware also has one in the US.

The company's turnover for 1996- 97 is $17 million and it expects to total about $25 million for the current fiscal.

Krishnamoorthy said Hexaware would initially take up the 18,000 square feet office space that Apple Finance had in Madras. "Further expansion is inevitable as we are increasing our employee base fast,'' he said.

The centre would start initially with about 300 employees which would go to about 500 in a year's time.

- Compiled from the Indian media

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