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August 11, 1998


Compaq Integrity XC server launched

A Staff Writer in Bombay

Email this story to a friend. Compaq has launched a standards based UNIX cluster server called the Compaq Integrity XC. This is the first product Compaq has introduced in collaboration with Tandem.

The Compaq Integrity XC combines NonStop clusters for SCO UNIX ware with open and industry standard Compaq ProLiant servers.

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Compaq Integrity XC
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A cluster is a type of parallel or distributed computer system that forms, to different degrees, a single unified resource composed of several interconnected computers.

Each interconnected computer has one or more processors, input/output capabilities, an operating system kernel and memory.

NonStop clusters for SCO UNIX ware are highly scaleable clustered operating environment that enables a group of UNIX system based Compaq ProLiant servers to operate as a single, reliable computing resource.

NonStop clusters offer true single-system image capability. This helps to present a cluster of any number of nodes as if it were one system. It also provides greater manageability and simplified application development.

The Integrity XC is a packaged two to six-node system comprising Compaq ProLiant servers, SCO UNIX ware 2.1.2 and Tandem NonStop clusters software.

Compaq promises that due to high integration and optimisation with the SCO UNIX ware operating system the NonStop clusters allow applications to migrate, without disruption, among nodes.

It assures that NonStop clusters can deliver greater availability than other high availability computer systems at a lower price.

Mark White, UNIX marketing manager, Compaq, Asia Pacific, talked about the sectors that would benefit from this product. "The Compaq Integrity XC opens up cost effective options for corporations who require easily scaleable systems without the overheads associated with traditional clusters. This product will be beneficial in areas of manufacturing, telecom, banking and finance services. The ease of expandability as well as high availability features make it an ideal system for these mission critical applications," he enthused.

Integrity XC clusters can be purchased as a completely configured solution bundle or independently user configured.

Compaq claimed that the Integrity XC series is the industry's only cluster, based on the UNIX operating system and X86 architecture.

A company statement claimed that the cluster offers unmatched price and performance with the advantages of the UNIX operating system along with highest levels of scalability, availability and manageability.

Kapil Jain, director, products, Compaq India, explains about the advantages of the product. "India has a major UNIX market both in the commercial and telecom segments. The large installed base of UNIX in India is migrating to mission critical applications. The launch of the industry's first and only true cluster built around standards based UNIX operating system will provide growth options as well as investment protection in hardware and software. This will prove extremely beneficial for Indian customers. The high level of scalability on Integrity XC eliminates the 'guestimation' of future needs. System capacity can also be expanded with transparent addition or replacement of nodes, while retaining the high availability inherent to any true cluster," he said.

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